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Trump incited the attack on the capital. We question the Democrat who's urging the Cabinet to remove the president, as the Constitution allows. It's morning edition from NPR News. Senator Debbie stabbing now says it is unsafe to leave the president in office for his last 12 days on the wheel King and I'm Steve Inskeep. We also question Republicans Senator Ben Sasse, who opposed Trump's drive to overturn the election. Also this hour. What happened to Jack Ma, The Chinese tech billionaire has not been seen since the speech questioning financial regulators. And why did an investor buy the rights to Neil Young songs? It's Friday, January. 8th Betsy DeVos, the education secretary of just resigned is 63 years old news is next. Live from NPR news. I'm Janine Herbs. President Trump today tweeted. He will not attend President elect Joe Biden's inauguration this as he faces growing outrage over pro trump extremists who stormed the capital building Wednesday. Meanwhile, Biden and Vice President elect Kamila Harris will not be sworn into office on the West Front of the U. S. Capitol building on January 20th. Because the rioters overtook the platform where the ceremony was to have taken place and the fifth person has died after the violence of the capital capital. Police say one of their officers who was hurt in the attack. From his injuries. Last night. NPR's Scott Newman reports. Capitol police officer Brian Sick. Nick died late Thursday after collapsing the previous day following what the force described as a physical engagement with protesters who stormed the houses of Congress. Dozens of other police officers were injured in the melee triggered by Trump supporters who sought to shut down the certification of President elect Joe Biden's election victory. Officer Sick Nick is the fifth person to die as a result of Wednesday's insurrection. Trump supporter. A woman in her thirties was also fatally shot after breaching the Capitol building, and three other people died as a result of medical emergencies resulting from the violence. Scott Neuman. NPR NEWS Washington Voting equipment Company Dominion is suing lawyer and conspiracy theorists. Susan Powell for $1.3 billion for defamation. Paul was at one time a Trump lawyer who alleged without evidence. Dominion was part of a plot instigated by Venezuelan other actors to swing the election. Militia leader Cliven Bundy is praising the violent mob that overtook the capital NPR's Kirk Siegler reports. The Nevada rancher is also signaling that President Trump played a key role in inciting the violence in a Facebook post. Cliven Bundy says, quote you can't clean the swamp by standing off at a distance and smelling it. He goes on the heap Praise on President Trump, who he says pointed towards Congress and nodded his head and told his loyalists to go get the job done. Bundy is an icon of the extreme right. He's also a free man. The U. S government's case against him collapsed following the armed standoff he led against federal agents east of Las Vegas in 2014. His sons and other extremists from around. The US later staged an armed occupation of federal buildings in eastern Oregon and were later acquitted. Extremist group monitors say these illegal acts in the West in recent years helped embolden pro trump insurrectionists at the U. S. Capitol. Kirk Siegler. NPR NEWS Boise The Labor Department says employers cut 140,000 jobs in December. That's the first loss in eight months as the pandemic continues to surge around the country. The unemployment rate remained the same at 6.7%. Wall Street is trading higher at this hour, but the dollars pulled off earlier highs. It's up 16 points right now, the NASDAQ is up 103. You're listening to NPR news Live from KQED News. I'm Brian what Santa Clara County has fined Kaiser Permanente for not promptly reporting a cove. It 19 outbreak. It is infected at least 60 people at its San Jose Medical Center. The outbreak has led to a least one death. It is believed to be tied to a staff member wearing an inflatable tree in the facilities Emergency department on Christmas Day. Kaiser has been fined $43,000 Santa Clara County officials say they were unaware of the outbreak until the company released a press release on Sunday. Days after some of the positive test started appearing, Kaiser says it's reviewing the county's notice. The pandemic has plunged ridership on public transit across the region, Caltrain says it's also seeing a demographic shift in its passengers. Hey, cuties, Julie Chang explains. Hell, Trade ridership has dropped by 93% compared to last year. And in a survey of over 1100 writers from October to November, the transit agency found that they're seeing more passengers with lower income levels and before and more people of color, including Latinos and African Americans. Dan Lieberman is a spokesperson for Caltrain. You're interpreting me that we're taking on more essential workers. Just more people who need to be writing transit right now and depend on it is a system. Lieberman also says more people are writing outside traditional peak hours and on weekends, suggesting that many writers aren't working typical 9 to 5 jobs. Art and Golden Gate Transit say they've seen similar trends. I'm Julie Chang KQED news Coming up in 15 minutes, the fiscal and the fishy. It's Friday on KQED news. I'm Brian. What Support comes from Bridge Bank, a division of Western Omelet Alliance bank, offering flexible financial solutions to entrepreneurs and to the venture capital community support for NPR comes from Amazon studios. With the new film herself from director of the Iron Lady comes the story of a young mother, who, against all odds creates a home for her daughter's with the help of unexpected friends now on prime video. By the listeners of KQED. Hey, Joe McConnell's back Where we off to Go back to 5 80 cast a ballot. That's the worst jam because of the crash.

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