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Was floated and fell very flat. So the vote is expected to be a stand-alone Bill. That's Washington Post live anchor Lee Ann Caldwell, who also co authors the early two O two, talking with Mike and Michelle. You are listening to 103.5 FM in WTO P dot com. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by maximus. Moving people and technology forward. It is September 8th, good Thursday morning two 45 sports time indeed rob's turn once again this morning. On a strange night in St. Louis, golfer John Daly highlighted a Motley crew of 17 people throwing the ceremonial first pitch, former cardinal and Missouri native Luke voigt capta three hit night with a 424 foot Homer that appeared to break the game open for the nationals and then Kyle finnegan had one of the worst blown saves you'll ever see giving up 5 runs in the 9th inning of a 6 5 Nats walk off loss in which tape Martinez. I saw a lot of good things today, a lot of positive things. Starting with our pitching, again, you know, I kept in ball game at a rascal comes in and does well, and then we come back, Caesar would have a big triple there, comes back with score some runs and I thought we played really well today to the last any quick turnaround to the one 15 series finale with Josiah gray getting the starts, the Orioles dropped three O four to the Blue Jays after a 401k loss that puts the O's now four and a half games behind Toronto for the last AL wild card. Hyattsville native Francis tiafoe was boldly going where no American man has gone since 2006, advancing to the U.S. open men's semifinals thanks to a long straight sets win over Andrei Rublev and as tiafoe's coach Wayne Ferreira pointed out to ESPN

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