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You just need to find a way for yourself to deal with stats do not stake all that personally like you not getting a scholarship, you not getting into a conference or your article being dismissed. Doesn't mean that your failure it doesn't mean anything about view person right and that's what we're saying bt is a lifestyle, but it isn't the only thing in your life you need to find these other things that important that are important to you. So, if one paper gets rejected. That sides. You need to deal with that are allowed to cry over DADS to complain about it to be sad. That's all right but you also need to. Gear up get back out there on the stands that you are not a failure. And that's something that I've learned I think that's the biggest thing I've learned from us. Then I I almost don't want to say anything else because at the end of the episode I always like to. For a last word of advice and I think it was just so beautifully put what you just said. That unless you would have something else that you wanted to add really I was just going to ask you like if people want to reach out maybe you can share also how to listen to the podcast but if want people want to reach out how find you On Social Media Cetera. Did you want to add something else because this message that you just said is one of the most important ones and I just don't want to spoil it by by wanting to tax something to the. And Yeah no I think that's the most important thing and if you WANNA learn more about how I've come to learn that you're not a failure that rejection is okay. As something we're going to have to deal with than I just WANNA mention go and listen to our both costs doesn't only like yours focuses on the career, but also about the academic journey itself so you can find us first of all on social media. Murray boast about our guests ends about their research See what we actually look like on facebook twitter instagram. And, you can listen to our episodes by finding us on spotify also new tube on the Minerva Channel and on any major both costs platform such as Really. Anything audio have Google stitcher. These are all the big ones that you know. Exactly. yes or find us there. What are you going to do with ads or at sports? Are you going to do what to do without where to spell this? The number two again, I love leave all of those links in the notes page. Then he had a lot of fun hearing about Your Story I. Think we touched upon different things even unexpected things. that I found a very important and and thank you and thank you for sharing some really really important message especially this last one about. Rejection and and about not over identifying with your work with your research. The research is something you do. It's not something you are. You're you are. Much richer being than than just the scientist and that's why it's important to also cultivate these other sides of your life the social physical activity for some people, it's going to be creative aspect. Do that and you'll see it'll being it'll make your whole graduate school experience much more balanced one. So. Again, thank you so much for having come on Papa Peachy and I just want to remind everyone that there's a sister episode that's up today. At the same time on what to do with that. Thank you. Danny you're welcome. Thank you. Thanks for listening to part two of my conversation with Danita his now find what are you going to do with that on your podcast APP and listen to the sister episode. We're Danny interviews me. and. Season one of their podcast where they have great conversations about life as an academic researcher with diverse and interesting guests. This is the last episode of season one of Papa peachy. Thank you for being a fateful listener. If. This is the first episode you've listened to do go and explored the conversations I've had with over fifty guests. In this first season I'm sure you'll find inspiration in many of the stories shared strategies to apply in your academic and professional journey. And if you do like the show, show your favorite episode with a friend. Word of mouth is the best way you can help in deep casters like me. I'm currently interviewing you guests for season two, which will start on September twenty fourth. So mark the date on your calendar is expecting you. Have Great Summer happy listening and happy sharing. Thanks.

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