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Losing thousand legislative seats whenever you know, two years, four, whatever. But he there was this belief that because when we lost the election there had to be some kind of other reason that country was just not ready for her. And so that that inability that child's inability to accept election that was won legally and fairly began to become something ominous to me and played itself out twenty seventeen. And then it started to play itself out through twenty eighteenth. And the chapter of my book is about the summer of twenty eighteen everything I felt imploded for the left, and how are they going to get themselves back together? And and it really is what the book is about is about my progression from being someone who. Okay. Well, you know, the people spoke they wanna Donald Trump do president. And yet there was this action. A lot of people I knew who just couldn't accept it started to create narratives and fantasies about why he wants and we're having meltdowns seen Trump derangement syndrome in action constantly in LA. And in in California. A lot of my friends. Some of them accepted it, but it it to the point where I felt I had to write about it. And I was and I begin talking about it on my podcast and gas on patron. And and that's where a lot of white comes from from my podcast. I watched a lot of the adults in the Booker, pretty amazing. Let me ask you you're watching the Stony Russia Trump Trump Russia conspiracy. It was it was like ninety nine percent of the media, and like usual, I go off of my own direction. I do my own thing and fair fairly early on. I started developing sources that it was total BS you even talked about an incident evolving the Pete tape with. I didn't know there was supposed to be fourteen year old Russian prostitutes. I read your book, but it didn't exist, and you talk about turning on some of these networks NBC CNN, it was pretty much everybody. And everybody was looking at me. Like, I lost my mind, but I have a pretty good track record of being right starting with Richard jewel. Frei von Zimmermann. Ferguson UVA. A Duke lacrosse, Baltimore, Maryland, vetting. Obama Trump Ken win, you know, that they don't have. And I just think that they're for example, wasn't hard to tell. The Obama was going to win just by looking at the crowd sizes. And but you know, I didn't go into a meltdown or depression. The moment is this guy one that I thought wasn't capable of doing a good job. The same thing happened with this Russian hoax that began forming itself immediately after the election that my partner grabbed onto because he couldn't believe from one. And so then I thought okay, this is going to go away. This is gonna go away in a while because really really any proof, and as we move through twenty seventeen I remember talking to journalists that I knew back from the day when I was living in New York, and they were now situated in Washington DC nothing. We just began talking on Facebook. And they told me valuable neither one of them knowing each other when I asked them what's going on with this Russian conspiracy theory of them against situation in DC told me, it's utter VS. It's not true. Everyone knows it's not true. But they have it nothing else. There's nothing else to go on. So you have this Russian conspiracy. That sells papers gets clicks. And the only way that they can survive is to g. Keep this Russian conspiracy thing going, I remember asking them what's gonna happen. When it's down out to be not true. And they both said there's going to be a dire. Reckoning? There's going to be directing about people trusting the media who sold this for two years, and where where is the wreckage because now all the doing is pushing congress to do what Muller didn't do we've now had four separate collusion's on Russia. We had the nine month that BI investigation even struck and paid said, no, it's didn't happen. They also said that the the investigation into Hillary was rigged. It's clear. She violated the law, and then we had of course, the house Intel committee the bipartisan Senate committee now the mullahs report can't can't be any more clear about Russia collusion, but they want another investigation. So they'll use a hyper partisan congress that believes in the green new deal that eliminate oil gas combustion engine, cows, planes, and everything. Is free. And that that congress will finally do the job that Muller wouldn't do the wouldn't do and and other people wouldn't do. They're still hoping. Soon. The report finally came out. And there was a vote for no of that stuff. That people would finally just realize we've got gotta move on. We have to move on Muller was God, we we place all of our faith in him in order to whatever he was going to do. And then ultimately what happened? There was kind of this depression for about a week this kind of silence for week and the people who wanted with Muller report like my partner said, well, he's line is true. He's a stooge the whole thing. Tell them that. I tell them you're on the air with me if he knows I am he's going to he's going to go nuts. But he also knows that I I believe in talking to everybody look for this book. I've sat down with a profile for the New York Times for the Washington Post. I also talked to Breitbart and then talking to you. I mean, look my partners. Okay. Because Bernie Sanders was on FOX just about a week ago. And I think you just have to, you know, get rid of that and talk to both sides of the aisle. I hate this notion that people can only talk. And I it drives me crazy. Stay right there. So yeah. Maybe I don't agree with a lot of what what what do you say? Or maybe what FOX represent? But I still believe that. Talk. Brent I I've been right. The whole time they were wrong the whole time. So I don't have much more to say, except the fact that you agree more politically with that side is what we're gonna talk about on the other side of this break, Bret Easton Ellis. He wrote the book it's called white, and it's going to be a best seller. It's a very interesting read, I'm telling you can't put you can't put it down. Once you start talks about how the left is melted down on the country. We'll take a break final moments with him coming up. Then our news roundup information overload. We'll get back to the horrific attack and blame of Trump for the synagogue shooting took place as weekend next. On breaking news and bring it to you. I. Sean hannity. News Radio twelve hundred w. 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