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Is weighing in on the college admissions scandal, and he's telling all Texas colleges to review their admissions policies. It's important for every university to go back and reevaluate and to investigate to make sure that nothing like this is happening or can happen. UT men's tennis coach Michael center has been fired UT police are trying to find more passengers who were riding on a capital metro bus that hit and killed a cyclist university of Texas police chief David Carter says thirty nine year old Anthony Diaz was doing everything possible to ride safely when he was struck by a bus driven by Mindy Taylor staffers. The bus seem to bear down on the bicyclist matter of fact, date were facing passenger on the bus actually shouted out and trying to get detention. The bus driver. But passengers said Stafford appear to be intoxicated, but Carter says no illicit drugs or alcohol was in her system. She's charged with felony manslaughter. Eric like, NewsRadio KLBJ former site of the hooters at south I and riverside is now becoming another office tower fifteen stories three hundred fifty thousand square feet, it will have a handful of shops on the ground level. And mayor Steve Adler says it's just the beginning of a new day for the Austin landscape. You're going to be explaining to people what does used to look like a kind of that classic Austin conversation that we're all involved in this is gonna to be ground zero pen. The mayor says there's a lot of work plan for that area. Just south of the river, including more low income housing. The new building will be ready in twenty twenty one seven four DJ. Here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda. Brandt the reports of a stalled vehicle thirty five northbound at SAS knee, which just as to. Congestion that starts at south forty five. We also have a reported rack on southbound service road as you're approaching Palmer and a collision at second and Levada. Your next report's at seven fifteen Melinda. Bryant with.

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