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Hey there be one. My name is ari in welcome to made of metal a motivational podcast. Where we tell stories about regular people overcoming insurmountable. Thank you so much for joining me for another wonderful episode of made of metal. I hope everyone enjoyed last week's episode of exploring the duality of man. And i wanted to continue on that theme especially in terms of understanding that the decisions we make are what defines us outside of anything else so this week we'll be covering an individual who experienced a personal injury due to illness that most would have considered catastrophic in life ending especially during a time when there was little to no resources available to cope with that loss. This wasn't a loss of a person but of their own individual senses in thus a good chunk of their personal independence having to navigate a world. That just wasn't equipped for their needs plus having to forge a completely new path toward understanding how to work with people such as themselves. This individual also went on to fight for several noble causes all geared toward establishing basic freedoms and rights for the unseen in society. And may were able to do this as they were. Well acquainted with the marginalization of their own group. I truly love stories like these for their ability to depict this strength and resilience that lives within us all. In spite of whatever circumstances life throws at us plus as you all know. I am such a huge fan of stories involving strong women. Truly lights my fire so this week. We'll be covering the strong the sensible the steadfast helen keller helen keller was born on june twenty-seventh eighteen eighty in alabama the eldest of two daughters. Helen's parents arthur. And catherine had four children total including two older brothers from a previous marriage. Helen's father arthur was a newspaper editor for a local publication and her mother was a homemaker financially. The family wasn't well off in owned a farm to sustain their meagre lifestyle..

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