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Hand You over to Jerry Jeff Walker. He will take you nine to midnight a baseball theme early and through a good chunk of the show tonight. The thought hit me as I prepared to welcome in our first guest. It is awfully nice to be talking with a baseball guest baseball stuff. Compared to negotiations and and labor issues and percentages of salaries and pro-russian of salaries and all that. The reds have handed in officially as of yesterday there player Pool for the two thousand twenty season. At the moment it contains fifty seven players thirty five of those players assigned to great American Ballpark to two of those players assigned to Prisco Park in Mason for Moran. That the man who was on the reds, beat and covers all things reds for MLB. Dot Com reds DOT COM. That would be Mark Sheldon. How are you? Doing good, lance and I hope you are too, and it's really nice to about baseball. Even getting yelled at on twitter for baseball stuff, so that's a nice refreshing change to absolutely i. Let's start with the basics here. fifty-seven players at this moment out of a possible sixty. What is the benefit of not going all the way up to sixty at this point for the reds? I think it's just more roster flexibility. If kinda like in the days before spring training or the opening day of the season, you might have a guy that gets released. Cut in the right for whatever reason they WANNA pick that player up it could you know? It's based on things that happened in camp when player might get hurt or just in his fit as others are. They WANNA add a guy Derek Dietrich is is out there. Still he's on the. Signed by the team, and then even the organization thought on that player polls yet you could be at. It could also add hundred green. You know maybe a couple of months down the road or a month down the road if they choose to, there's some maneuverability that way and market is not a clear line drawn in the sand. Great American is like Varsity and Pasco is junior varsity. It's not that clear as It's not some closure doing it that way. Some closer, Dylan it the the bigly called players or the ones that are have a shot at the big leagues, going to be a big league ballpark, and the rest of the dispatch to a minor league facility read. say they're not doing it that way. A lot of it is because they stacks so many pictures of GDP and catchers just simply because of. Of the rules, social distancing and other things like that they had the sense of people out to Mason now when the season does start the people that are obviously going to be stationed, practical park will be the equivalent of the minor. Leagues Aaa Louisville. If you will, that could be summit in called up. Should there be any and I would assume there's also that element if you're going to be split into two parts. There's GonNa be intersquad gained. So you need X. number of players at each place to fill out, get I mean you need a shortstop and both places third base I mean there has to be some level of consideration along those lines, right? I would think so. like you know this is. This is new to a lot of. The mechanism blueprints aren't totally clear yet, but hopefully that that will come into into focus, but yeah you have to figure. You gotTA. Have enough coverage because they're not only allowed to play three exhibition games against other teams during the next three weeks and stands to reason since there's no like in the same city like Chicago. There's to Chicago. Teams play each other here. There's not really that option and they may have to wait until whoever the the next the first team that comes to town that could be their exhibition. Apologetic Mark Sheldon MLB DOT COM dot com. Check it in Merck. How ultimately potentially at least could niccolo their first round pick a year ago? Factor into this equation? I think he can factor in I. Mean he was going to get cut? Cut I believe from the I can't remember from in March, but obviously guide her. Getting brought back like salary mono was caught, and he's been brought back I think with all could appear as as bullpen guy I mean theoretically I suppose he could be a starter. Should anything happen to the rotation by each figure with Molly figure? Look Assam's a couple. Couple of others they have some coverage. They're on the rotation side, but with all could be a piece for the for the bullpen. He could be accessible that way I don't think it would be a problem for him to make that jump at this change. I know you're getting this question. A Lot I think it's on the minds of everybody along. The lines of pitching in some school of thought, what if they go with a four man? What if they go with a six man why they go with a piggyback tandem? What do you make of potentially what the use of pitchers could look like? It's one of those things to see. When we actually talked to their Johnston and David fell, but I. I kind of expecting the five man rotation still to have a solid five man group. I, I don't know Trevor Bowers a big advocate of the former station, but that would mean somebody gets cut out and I. Don't see them doing that. the six man rotation. Over I. I really think. The reservoir set up in a lot of teams with the you know. What's the malaise? The SIMS OF ANY MODEL? If you other guys that they could, have you know in the early going. To go thirty. Three innings to four sixty to seventy five pitches, and then they have to bridge that gap with three or four inning relief, appearance and Mali concert do that. They can prepare them as a starter and kind of having back up the the other starter, so it'd be hard pitch cancer early innings limits things like that, and then we'll. We'll see how those guys do, but. But I think middle relief is going to be a huge part of the equation going into the regular mark among the guys who ultimately dolt become a part of this pool. Who our prospects whether it's hundred green or someone who's not even in the pool right now. Are Reese hines Stewart Fairchild? Guys like what happens to them in ultimately in the twenty twenty season. Another Mr. Lance I think there's been some rumblings that there might be an attempt to have a fall league of some sort. for minor leaguers didn't get to play anywhere this this year. Their skills having a row too much. A lot of them are probably working via zoom with with their coaches, and what their strength people and their trainers. But that's one of the mystery it hasn't been figured out yet. They're really just really focused on the bigly. Friday is the first workout is is the phase between now and then like the we call it. The intake phase of what's happening right now. I kind of equate Wednesday July first. Is the report A. That's the kind of the day. They have to be there now. What happens is and some players have already done. This is that when they show up at the ballpark and report quote Unquote they get tested, and then they have to isolate away from the ballpark for two full days, and then they're allowed to come back if they test negative, so a lot of guys are GonNa have already done this and a few more. We'll probably do it on. Wednesday and then theoretically everyone will be ready for Friday. Final question on I know this is ever evolving situation in. Probably, there's things you're trying to figure out in your mind, but. Ultimately this season. What will what will covering this camp this spring training two point Oh, and then the regular season be like for a member of the media. Someone who was a beat writer like you? Honestly, it's another thing that I'm still waiting to see how it turns out I mean I've seen the world. I've heard the rules our interview. Be Done over zoom whether you at the Ballpark, or if you covered the ancient home, I'm likely not going to travel, so it's GonNa. be a different thing. you know what there's going to be lost? And maybe some of the more unique nuance that that that is able to be gained from a reporter, standing clubhouse, and talking to a player in a more or less formal environment. When they're on camera when they're on the radio and things like that would have been werner formal a little more. stilted and I'd like to. You know that's GonNa be Kinda lost for a while, but at the same time I it's hard to complain about lack of nuance when there was no season at all. So I'm I'm accepting. This I'm hoping that by this time next year we're in the middle of a regular season, and it's been going on since the end of March and everything's back to normal. Obviously, we don't know that, but hopefully this little sixty games sprint will be interesting and the red. They still think are as competitive in division. They were before the the.

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