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What else you got? That's better. Do you really want to be the franchise that bails on players after a bad half a season plus I'm always struck by people who would call me or tweet me about how the Reds never should have given up on Edwin Encarnacion known and I'm not saying that I Eugenia Suarez is capable of having the kind of seasons that Edwin Encarnacion had in Toronto, but they moved on from that dude after he had played in over 500 games and by the way, what they got for him is what they wanted older, experienced guy who had been through the wringer before, and that was obviously Scott Rolen. You can't beat up on him. It's like Anthony Diesel. Funny. They moved on from Anthony DeSclafani. The Giants paid him six million bucks. He got off to a great start last year that had five bad starts. Now you kind of wish will wait a minute. We kind of should have kept him around right? He was fixable. Disco Funny last year had an area of 7 20. Everybody was ready to move on. Guy who has experienced a guy who has a track record of relative success. Was able to tap into what he used to do, and it's having a good season for the Giants, in fact, beat the Reds Week and a half ago. You're going to do that whole thing about how well they should have been more patient with him. Don't do the same thing with the Urania Suarez. By the way, what else you got to third base on a consistent basis? That's rock. Alex Blandino. You may not believe in a Ukrainian Suarez. The red certainly do. Which is why, instead of benching him Instead of banishing him toe, you know, not being on the team or barely playing instead of sliding him down the batting order. They instead chose to show him a degree of confidence. And hit him lead off the three games in Washington. I liked it, not just because he played well and had a couple of home runs and got on base. I do think there's something about showing somebody that you're their guy. Think that spoke to David Bell. We always here, you know, people in baseball talk about what with the manager. It's not necessarily the line up, or, you know maneuvers managing the bull. All that stuff's important, but it's managing people thought David Bell managed Urania Suarez from a human standpoint really, really well this week. And there was a bit of a payoff of the way he swung the bat against the Nationals. Not today in a pension, enroll 10 minutes away from seven o'clock and the news will get to a Chris Greg and you 513749 7000. And 1 800 the Big one. By the way, Speaking of Luis Castillo, I talked to Sam liqueur this week about How we get Luis Castillo fixed. You'll hear that conversation at 7 20 on 700 wlw. It rests under.

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