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Deal with any new health emergency that arises. I think we're going to say words prepared, probably as any American state, but we're all going through this for the first time, he adds. While all of the Kobe metrics in Jersey still a very good the virus is not done with us yet. Not by a long shot Unemployment claims for the week ending August, 29th held steady in New Jersey, according to figures released by the state Department of Labor about 20,000. New claims were filed last week. In total over 1.5 million people have applied for benefits since mid March, with the department paying out $14.7 billion Movie theaters are permitted to open tomorrow in New Jersey. But will they Indiewire reports it is unlikely AMC will open any of its theatres here Yet Cinemark announced a September 11th opening. Both independent and chain. Theaters have to be reconfigured to deal with social distancing requirements, and many have to be cleaned and disinfected. Immigration advocacy groups say half of unauthorized immigrants eligible for new drivers licenses in January probably won't apply unless the state changes its plan to require them the first obtained letters from the Social Security Administration. Anisha Cal car of the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice says that would be fraught with danger as people would fear deportation New Jersey residents regardless of their immigration status, I only have a chance. Driving safety on the roads in New Jersey. However, that depends on where we're headed. With these proposed regulations. The NBC is taking public comments on its rule proposal through September. 18th. Sponsor of a bill that would have imposed $1000 fine on anyone who intentionally releases a balloon outside is revamping the bill. When Mom of County Assemblyman Erica telling first introduced it Dollars to New Jersey one A. 1.5 mocked it. He pulled the measure but is now bringing it back. With lower fines and possible community service. A government study cast doubt on convalescent plasmas usefulness. The National Institutes of Health Panel looking into the treatments, says there is no data that demonstrates the efficacy and safety of convalescent plasma for the treatment of covert 19. But we'll have more. New Jersey's pushed you implement plasma therapy at 10 30 at the latest Jersey news on your schedule on demand. Goto NJ 115 dot com slash podcast. What's after tonight's tornado watch The complete New Jersey One on 1.5 forecast is coming up the Jersey fast traffic in one minute..

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