Press Secretary, Director, Donald Trump discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod - Ep. 110 - Sean Spicer


He may have the second most difficult job on the planet giants beiser the newly appointed press secretary in communications director for donald trump in coming president has a rich history in politics in communications but now he's taking on the biggest job there it is a speaking for president united states who speaks from self often and a hundred and forty characters sean came body instituted politics the other night to speak to our students and sat down with me for discussion about donald trump and we're country is going from you as giants beiser welcome thank you for coming to me into politics in thanks for being here and then you got a busy schedule i want to ask you before we didn't to sort of more contemporary things has a guy from rhode island end up as a republican that's not i have okay you know it's a great question i think it would island we actually elected a lotta republican history of a packer up but very moderate rivera much ap we had clouding schneider yeah and and run make lee was gone up the first district we had a lot of republican governors over time you know the interesting thing is i i didn't grow but a political household my parents both voted but i think we didn't talk politics at the dinner table much we talked issues and i think as i got in high school there was this week i really kind of grew interested and excited about government in politics i think that that's one of those his is use him academic that academic a brown university in.

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