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Yeah i really think that this is a bigger deal than than many are star believing it especially the united states because they've seen the past ones you know the nineteen ninety four great framework that the two thousand joint delegation that tony eleven meetings and say they said all this stuff in the past doesn't mean you think that there is something fundamentally an and substantively different about this one then all the others and that is that the the north korean leader has shown aggressive willingness to say things in to to do things up his point already that none of his predecessors have ever done and certainly you know the historic situation of meeting the south korean leader on south korean territory which it never happened never done that he'd gone to either to beijing to different diplomatic gee shouldn't pink there he had never even left the country after that point now he wants to meet trump shortly after that in east promising things in stronger terms in any of his predecessors also with the promise denuclearize that he wants to cheat with a peace treaty and he wants to you know ultimately cheap peaceful reunification and he keeps saying things about you know and we care just as much about ourselves korean compatriots north and we're all when people and all that so at least up to this point it's very different than in the past and actually does lay the groundwork for the possibility that this could succeed we're all the others have failed i'm just looking at this in watching the two in it seems like moon and kim like each other i mean it usually it'd be nervous situation all those cameras and cetera but the smile on came in when they were talking and then they they stepped into the north and stepped into the south i know it's just body language but it seems like they enjoyed it so my my off i think you're absolutely right is did minor because.

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