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Fraud, President Trump, Medicare discussed on Mark Levin


Conservative. Mark Levin show. Call in now. Eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one good. A good look good. This is our president. Reason why he needs the hydrogen powered plane come on now. And the grand scheme of things that was one of those. What happened moments? In the grand scheme of the media, kind of losing its mind. Everybody had to point out. What kind Hayes iphone password is which zeros? So anyway, that was that was an interesting moment. But again, you know, when you got the dragon energy, and you've got your mega superman had on things happen. You know, it's really hard to kind of channel all of that. And and you gotta say every now, and then you're gonna have a hydrogen. I I play and the the president. The president. Stuck in early? One of my one of my all time favorite reactions. Michael Myers watching. Do the Katrina relief like where is the exit button on this stage right now. How can I get off of here? Now. Please. And win. Moments. President Trump is Kelly. What do I do here? And you talk about role-reversal because he's usually the people may person making people uncomfortable. But you gotta gotta feeling that for once. He got a dose of his own thing there. Anyway, talking about some of the financial fraud that's been perpetuated Medicare for all is a financial fraud. Again, if you missed what I had to say about a half hour ago, it's not complicated. And this is the way it's the shutdown drop. The mic argument you have fifteen percent of Americans on Medicare right now. It's pace insolvency in eight years. Fifteen percent hundred percent of folks that work on our contributing to Medicare insolvency in eight years. What happens when you put the other eighty five percent on back to you? Okay. So that is the greatest financial fraud that would ever be perpetuated on this country. And it is a disingenuous dishonest argument that is perpetuated on people by virtue of the average adult being financially illiterate, and again, now my opinion proven by FINRA sixty percent of adults are financially. Illiterate doll part of the problem that we've got to overcome informational here. But here's something else that is a fraud that is perpetuated on people. I talked about the benefit of the tax cuts, and how the average person net take home pay this year. Up six point seven percent, which by the way when you run into somebody. Well, I haven't seen any benefit from it. Well, that's just because you probably haven't done anything about it. Most recently we've seen a report that came out showing that about thirty million Americans never made any adjustments either their employers didn't Bayden for the tax cuts. So it's all going to be reconciled when they filed their taxes, but they would be saying that money right now if they had actually made the adjustments with their employer. So that's what's going on with almost everybody's I haven't seen it. Well, it's because you haven't done anything. Now, the next part that fraud comes in with companies. Hear how awful the tax cuts are because evil corporations, you know, the the ones that we work for corporations they're using it to buy back all their stock and do what? Rich corporate fat cats do to screw the little guy. You know that stuff except that that's a fraud as well. It's dishonest. It's ally. See CNBC, you know, the the vast right wing media CNBC. They.

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Fraud, President Trump, Medicare discussed on Mark Levin

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