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Prager here. And I have the delight to speak to Karin Housley. I don't normally speak to candidates, but sometimes it is there's a race of such to me moral significance and political significance that I do. Karin Housley is the Republican candidate for governor. Excuse me for Senator sorry. I there's wishful thinking going on in my mind. I wish you were candidate for both actually can you run for two things. Anyway for Senator stranger things have been done. I certainly true Senator, of course in Minnesota and. Tell me what. I have so much to ask you, I've I've been to Minnesota so many times I love the state I live in a state of confusion. I understand California where I live. I don't understand Minnesota Minnesotans are known for niceness. Then they vote for a mean party. Right, right. We Minnesotans are really really nice people. And they like they like balance, and they like people to treat others with respect. And we are we are a strange state where we we crossed ballots vote. We don't vote we don't stay in our lane. We we cross over the democrat Republican, and we like to vote for big names here we've had Jesse Ventura as governor live Al Franken as a US Senator. So and and even in the same year, they voted the most conservative US Senator rod grams at the same time, they voted the most liberal Senator in Paul Wellstone. So we do we we vote on some some different things or heard from from all across the country that I I think I feel even worse for you and California dentist or you should. I mean, you have you ever real chance? Now your opponent is campaigning with Keith Ellison. Keith Ellison is is as far left as we have in American politics and Keith Ellison, of course, has serious charges against them. With regard to abusive a woman, and I'm not saying, they're true. I'm not saying they're not true. But they're they're they're not from high school. They're not one incident. How does all that play out? Right. I'm and I'm running actually for the hashtag me to Al Franken. See? So there is a lot of responsibility in the Seton who represents Minnesota in the United States Senate, and and to treat everybody equally when there is a charge of sexual harassment sexual abuse domestic abuse. And then Tina Smith my opponent is showing the complete to Crecy of herself and the democrat because the Democrats aren't interested in speaking out on sexual assault or harassment when it comes to their own party and Tina Smith is campaigning around the state with Keith Ellison, and she had said because keep categorically denied these accusations. Then Keith Ellison therefore is innocent yet when it comes to Brad Kavanagh and the unsubstantiated allegations against a judge Cavanaugh she and he swore under oath that. He didn't do it. She's calling for a stall FBI investigation. And she also said that cavenaugh has committed sexual assault. She said that in the video, and and whatever happened to being innocent before proven guilty. It's now all of a sudden that the proof is on those that are accused, and that's it. That's the sad road that the Democrats have gone down going to discourage a lot of people from running for office and for voting for them. Because this is one issue that has that has popped up. That has really got a Republican and independence extremely extremely angry at the hypocrisy, and the double standard that the Democrats are are showing right now. Okay. So that's the double standard issue. What about the issue? I have to believe that most Minnesotans and Americans who are anti Cavanaugh on on the grounds of sexual assault. Not forgetting their against them because they would be against any Republican nominee to the supreme court. Don't they have husbands brothers fathers sons, whom they love. I mean, why is? All the identification. Vis-a-vis the the alleged victim. And I was just talking to a group of hockey mom the other day, and that's exactly what they were saying is is they fear for their husbands and their sons and their fathers that anybody can make an accusation, and it becomes the the the land of a front page headlines in there are are guilty by just public accusation and not having a fair hearing and not having a any sort of private process to go through. And and the Democrats will do anything they can to have an issue come up and attack Republicans and the regular person out there. Dennis. I'm telling you is absolutely appalled that something like this comes up, and and can be their son or their brother or their father. And it's it's so deeply saddening that this is the road that they've gone down. So is is the hill. You have to climb that Minnesota is simply now more or less. Liberal slash left. No, no, absolutely. The kill the Tina Smith has to climb is she's such a metro area liberal elites that this is not the DFL party democrat farm labor here in Minnesota. That of my mother and father's area era. It was mostly democrat back in the day. And it has the democrat party has left the democrat in the last ten years, and it has become the far left extreme liberal socialist party of Minneapolis and Saint Paul in. That is not who Minnesota Democrats are. So they are leaving the party in the eighth district up on the iron range, which has historically always voted democrat. We're going to have a Republican congressman up there down in southern Minnesota always voted democrat. That's going to be Republican. So Minnesota is not as democrat as it used to be. And we what we are seeing a real red wave here because they've gone so far to the left and they've left the people. That's not who we are here in Minnesota. I just want to tell you what I say every Republican candidate. For Senate for house governor that you're not only running. I mean, this is on solicited advice. And I humbly acknowledge that fact. What you every Republican is not only running against their opponent. They're running against the destructive left wing party as you just noted am I salute you for doing that? I think people after one understand as nice as an and I don't know your opponent. But as nice as any democrat individually might be they represent a destructive force in America, the Democratic Party. They really do. And it, and it is a a responsibility says Republicans to make sure that the people know what that we really are the party of education and healthcare and freedom, and they are the party of obstruction. And that's exactly what my opponent Tina Smith has been doing. She's only been in office for nine months and every single turn. She.

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