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After this. You're listening to the paul finebaum show podcast and we are back here friday afternoon. Continuing with more of your phone calls and red dog is up. Next what what was that guy talking about grass grilling on a highway and clemson. Big white force them. I think he was waiting to laugh. I don't was there a point to that story. Is there a point to any of these stories. Well here's the thing. Doodoo hot on a plate university georgia for a long time because we. Your athens is only ninety miles and ninety miles away from clinton and in georgia used to play clemson every year. And you know. I guess i saw some article about talking about real. I'm not i guess. Acc might add mercer georgia southern. Today's you see conference but you know you better pocket watch because do does not wanna play us every year. He doesn't wanna. Cbs in charlotte. And you know. I know it. They what they do. Every years. they've played twelve softies. Didn't they basically go into the college playoffs. One hundred percent healthy and whether it's alabama georgia whoever we actually play real games in real conference and we have real injuries. So until the acc. Now we've got texas and oklahoma coming showing going to get worse so you know. Clemson is a complete every national championship to me. They have should be with asterix. Because even if they beat alabama they beat an alabama team. That actually had to win real games to get to get to the playoffs. They have to win. Nc state or acc championship in charlotte held dipping thousand people. But that's all. I gotta say Go downfall okay certainly One county heard from there. Let's continue with more phone. Calls and chuck is up next in texas. A hello chuck. Hello mr tom. Thanks for taking my call. Thank you like to say. We're really happy to be joining the sec. And can't wait to going up to the arkansas game. I've got some Pulling for both teams and it's like Coach spurrier said we'd been mediocre in the big twelve so we need to prove we can be better than that in the sec. And i'm looking forward to it and really enjoy your show. I wanna ask you a question. Are you in the college football hall of fame. I'm sorry chuck Somebody was talking. What was the question again. Are you in the college football hall of fame. Because if you're not. I think you ought to be no. I'm not and i'm not sure i don't think i be eligible since Number one. I think to be in the college football hall of fame. You have to have been an all american. Well i think just like the conference. Bay include announcers and i think the college football hall of fame. Look at that because you several other Great ambassadors for college. Football really do a lot and needs to be recognized. We'll say i appreciate you saying that But i i don't i don't think i would call i. It's it's a nice start but thank you very much for saying it. Let's check in with someone who is in hall of fame his own. And that is jim from tuscaloosa. Wow hey by the way. You just gave me an idea jim. We need to have a. They're a bunch of hall of fame out there but don't you think it's time for a finebaum show hall of fame every year with was it wasn't one we pick five people or whatever the number is and we i i got knew that i'm gonna be the you know. This is not about popularity. This is about brilliant. I would think the first hall of fame induction next spring. We'll have you and tammy. And i don't know who i want the first class to be really special zola. Shane tammy jim from tuscaloosa. We need to more. I'm the. I'm not i'm not i'm not. I know you're listening. You're in jim if we do it. you're you're in the first class. There's no there's no there's no that's not debatable. Is if you you you you guy while ago you know your style about what he's saying you happy but you're not gonna act like you deserve either. Because i know what. I'm talking about me more. You said something about what are you talking about. I really is it was augie. Who said the prodigal sung sung. I know her by me. But i didn't call about this is i wouldn't talk about larry in friend of mine and i mean he's been tweeting nice stuff and i mean you run now larry's fun and i i didn't i didn't know he'd been still in the hospital and i just won't do you got and and I i mean. I really have worried about him. Lately and man happy can stop. Stop the twenty biz and that'll kill somebody Even even if you don't i in. I think i i think i mean he. He has a. He has a condition right now. Jim where he doesn't get enough oxygen so he's constantly short of breath and in that in that condition you don't need to be downing you don't need to be. What did he say rainy. Sucking the bottom. A twelve ounce. Bud light much you know and i understand what he's when he says stuff like constructive call and by the way we are going to have a meeting soon as we can take a break here and start work on the first finebaum show caller hall of fame. I think it's the best idea and gm you gave it to us. I mean not just by your call come back..

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