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Hi tom great to be with you there is a lot that we want to talk about in this hour not least of course the the president in asia and north korea were just teas that a little bit with him this was yesterday joint news conference in tokyo with prime minister shinzo ave reaffirming his tough stance on north korea won't we want to get your perspective on a lot of news at this hour david he was trump yesterday the era of strategic patience is over some people said that my rhetoric is very strong like look what's happened with very weak rhetoric over the last twentyfive years look what we are right now a lot of people wandering in recent weeks of that could put the us and north korea on a path toward war and i wanna come to that with you david but first i wanna look for men let your book because talk about rip in the headlines i'm driving to work this morning listening as everyone should to npr's morning edition and steve inskeep is in beijing a and he's talking with the former cia station cheap there about what to keep an eye on when it comes to chinese espionage or uh you the sweeping up us technology and he starts right away talking about what's right at the heart of your new book the quantum spy chinese institutions investing in american high tech firms here's a little bit of steve inskeep and the former cia station chief in beijing talking on morning edition today what do we need to do if anything to take a harder look at the kind of investments that are going on it early stage companies and the us and beyond that might affect the competitiveness of us him you're saying he is china buying innovative companies in the united states at his way of gaining competitive advantage hundredth day in an ad in semiconductors in big way robotics ai my eyes just popped straight up and david ignatius that could be go straight from the opening pages of your new looked a book the quantum spy takes us into your story and how it relates to what's really going on when it comes to intelligencegathering and technology what harvesting uh back channels.

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