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So we're doing this. Or are we doing that? You tell me, and we'll tell you, we're going to compare two cards right now with similar value that are completely different. Let me give you an example. Let's just say for argument's sake, you have a vintage Mickey Mantle baseball card worth. $30,000. But you also have a modern day Joe burrow rookie card worth 30 grand. Which one would you rather have and why? You tell us, we're going to tell you right now. The cards you picked out this week are very interesting because you threw Tom Brady in again. There was some reasonings as to why we went against Tom Brady last week in this or that. But some of those might not bear fruit this week. Very interesting. Just polar opposites, which I think is makes the listeners really start to think about what these cards are, what they mean this week has some projections ahead built in. The first card we're talking about is a 2015 prism orange Nikola Jokić rookie to 65 copies in a BGS 9 5 gem mint versus a 2000 metal football Tom Brady rookie PSA gem mint ten, talk to us about what you'd rather have and maybe some things that you thought about in your pick. I brought Tom and again because we didn't pick him last time, I wanted to set the stage for him to get a little redemption potentially. And when I put these two together, I didn't know which one I was going to ultimately pick, I had to think about it a bit. But the orange jokic out of 65 and a Beckett 9 5 sold for 4200 about a week ago. You know, big men in our space just don't get the love. That shooters do. And I don't quite understand it. I mean, I love watching jokic play. He is so entertaining, in my opinion, because the guy's vertical is about three and a half inches. And yeah, he's one of the most skilled guys in the entire NBA. He's won the last two MVPs. He's 27 years old. It seems always to be healthy. I feel like he's got a ton of upside to really solidify himself as one of the NBA superstars. He's got to win a championship or really compete for one. Now they got Murray back healthy, Porter junior, they've got a really good shot to win the west this year. So we'll see how that plays out. The 2000 metal Tom Brady PSA ten sold for about 4300, so just a little bit more expensive than the yoke itch. It's a pop one 88. So now you have kind of a higher pop card versus a card where there's only 65 in total that were made. He's the goat. Obviously, you know, these cards are down about 60% from the peak a little over a year ago. So they've had a big pullback. So ten K was about the peak. They're down in the low fours. They bottomed out at about 3200, a few weeks ago and they've bounced back a little bit. But looking at these two, I'm still torn a little. I think I gotta go with jokic. Oh. I gotta go with the Joker. I gotta go with big sexy on this one. I thought we were going to have a difference of opinion, but somehow we are both in unison. I thought this is gonna be a really good debate because I talked about a 135 plus Tom Brady rookie cards in 2000 last week. That was part of the synopsis. And now you fast forward 15 years to the jokic rookie. And there's 235 plus in his rookie year. Both cards have multiple variations. We know all the colors prism offers. But Tom Brady's metal rookie has an emerald version, which is about 6 times as rare in terms of how many copies PSAs graded. I think the right context is prism basketball is one of yoga's most popular basketball sets. Metal isn't anywhere near the top 20 in terms of popularity for Tom Brady's rookie cards. And that was the difference for me. Now, I don't love big men in basketball because to your point, the market doesn't seem to respect them. I mean, we hit on this just in passing last week talking about Joel embiid, how you can get his orange prism dicot rookie to one 39 for like a 190 bucks and a PSA 9 and the guys in contention for MVP this year. It's absolutely banana land. I guess it's because they're not relatable to the average fan. But to me, and you hit it perfectly, yo kitch isn't your typical big man. He's very skilled. He can't jump over a sheet of paper. It's a vastly different type of big man. He's not out there Duncan on everybody's heads because that really isn't relatable. But the one thing that's interesting to me is because he's a big man they typically are prone to injury. He hasn't been. His game's grounded, he's not Zion, relying on being just more athletic and playing above the rim. Everyone seems to respect jokic, and I think it's time to start thinking about him a little bit differently. And you look at some of the metrics. This season again, player efficiency rating of 32. He leads the NBA in win share at 11.2. You start to think about him. I know he's only 27. But in terms of all time NBA list, player efficiency rating. Michael Jordan's number one jokic is number two. Okay. That's crazy. It's rare I fade Tom Brady back to back weeks. It's rare I'm choosing a modern card with multiple variations. I actually own the Tom Brady emerald version. But I'm going with you on this and taking the orange prism jokic, especially if we're gauging it, maybe within just a three year window, right? Jokic still in his prime, Brady's retired, you typically see that post retirement pre Hall of Fame induction law. I know Brady's out there. He's popular. Not going to be in the Fox booth this upcoming season may be in 2024. Who knows if he finds a different passion, but the financials of that Fox deal are probably too much to pass up more than he's made in his playing career, but you do typically see that little law from retirement to induction into the Hall of Fame. That's still going to be jokic's prime window. If they can make a run this season, I'm shocked, but we agree again this week going with the modern basketball card over Tom Brady. Well, to add to all of that,

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