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Ceiling on what a player can make then their smart if i'm kevin durant and steph curry why would i make thirty million playing alongside like mike conley when i can make thirty million played against another superstar like durant so if you put a ceiling on what guys can make the upper upper echelon of guy should play together 'cause there's this that's smart but if you remove that and have a true free market than durant not gonna make twenty five or thirty million to play with curry when he can go make sixty another team so if you remove the max player deal then you have all the best players making as much money as they can and for different teams that's what the nfl has like let's say quarterbacks have these high let's say they can only make seventeen million let's say every nfl player max player it was gonna make seventy million well the best diene pass rusher and the best running back best receiver and best quarterback are all going to team up with one another but you but right now the nba has thirty or so max player deals but they're not all thirty superstars there needs to be correlation between what what a guy makes and what a guy talent level so that's the problem with all that being said it is what it is that has to be discussing the collective bargaining agreement so with the current form i mean what what can you do you have guys like boogie cousins taking five point three million calling the warriors and asking lemme come play for you david west volunteer to take less money andrea della taking less money because they wanna win a ring don't we want these athletes to care about winning we'll they're clearly carrying about winning with their salaries and look i think it was explained last night as well from marc spears the undefeated marcus cousins had zero other offers so the nba should be mad at self or your own team's general manager and obviously he's coming off the killys injury but it wasn't like he had twelve offers and decided hey i'm going to go run with the warriors it sounded like nobody contacted him he woke up early one night and called his agent and said hey see what you can get done with warriors and they went from there speaking of best players the world cup has been fantastic i've been watching every game belgium down to nothing to japan came back wins three two two i believe they were sixteen to one at william hill to come back and win and regulation been a lot of great games have you been watching i've been watching a lot it's really awesome to have some action in the middle of the week and being able to fire on games it's just it's just perfect i mean yeah baseball world cups even earlier in the day so it's been enjoyable i i know soccer has naysayers if you will based on just you know the lack of stimulation at time of goals scored but it's been so awesome i i watch a lot of the world cup every four years and i've enjoyed it definitely and you know we've seen some upsets which is always enjoyable speaking of upsets i'm going out to vegas this weekend you are going on vacation perhaps the greatest upset of all that we've had on this podcast fill the listeners in a little bit on where where we're going you know you don't have to disclose how long etc but i am very excited yeah i know it's not because you're taking a vacation you know so that you get some time off let's just clarify that yeah no it's it's longtime coming up in a while since i've taken any vacation but this is the best time of year to do it for us sort of that downtime and major league baseball all star break so i'll be sneaking i mean and also the boss like you've done a calm down you have to take it so sneaking away to italy for a little bit florence tuscany so i'll be gone about a week and change and excited for that but i maybe sneaking away to vegas in august which is where you're going this weekend yes well i decided i you know i can't be there just once a year as you know you have to you.

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