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On WTO Traffic and whether all the 8s and witted brakes through the overnight early morning hours good morning to rich hunter and that I will detail heat traffic center Good morning dean right now on the crash is actually on the interloop of the beltway just before you get to van dorn street along the right side It looks like they only have a single right lane block now as some of the response has left the scene waiting on a tow truck for the vehicle there's apparently about 30 yards of guardrail damage So again I'll have to have someone come out there and take a look at that But for now you get by easily without delay to the left headed down towards Springfield Now beyond that still working on the interleukin north Arlington boulevard toward I 66 still down to a single left length of that work zone Again no stoppages in the last hours of traffic handling it pretty well so far just be aware they're still out there working The rest of the beltway and Maryland through Montgomery and prince George's counties no incidents in your way headed into the district early I two 95 north D.C. two 95 south moving Well no early issues along suitland Parkway or south capital street New York avenue leaving the anacostia toward the third street to all some of both sides of the freeway without issue Still have some utility work underway downtown in northwest 38th street closed between van Ness street and VZ street as a result of utility work as his bait street westbound between north capitol and first and center street southbound between Ogden street and meridian place that also closed as a result of overnight utility work Rich hunter WTO traffic Storm team four tracking the next store moving our way first off had ahead of it very warm temperatures getting up to a high of 67 during the day on your Thursday rather windy.

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