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And that's really important knowing that you can't sell to someone if they don't have any idea of who you are. They don't have an awareness of you. You can't grow and scale if you don't have reached for your message. My husband likes to use the analogy. That it's great if you have a beautiful webinar but without an audience you're singing to an empty hall so it's super important that you go through the process that you grow reach awareness of who you are and what you have to offer the world because without those two things. Even though those things don't necessarily have dollar attached to them there is no way that you can convert them and there's absolutely no way that you can for the long-term grow that lifetime value as a customer absolutely loved that was you take a look here at and again a person's got this idea. Here's far this race. Where's the next thing after they've gone through all this the cool thing for me as far as the engagement is it really never has an an ending race to it. That's why i think it's such a cool way to end. But how do you get people again. I'll use my analogy. Didn't of racier Only had little. We're in the middle of the olympics. Right now are watching so one thing. We're dying for right now. Are the races odd because we live them all. But as as you look at this how do you get people continued. How do you make sure that it's not just one race. How do you make sure the race continues on on on again. Yes yes absolutely. So as i mentioned earlier engagement making sure that you're taking really good care of your audience understanding how you can involve what you have to offer in different ways to make their life better so rather than going on forever it is it continues and then we get to go deeper as far as their awareness of you where you have to offer. We talk a lot about that evaluator. Initially the awareness You mike simply just book and then we grow that awareness into you know potentially a program that grows into a coaching program that awareness into you a one on one personalized coaching. That awareness goes through a cycle and so if someone bought a book. You don't just talk about the book forever and ever amen. We talk about the book and then when it comes time to grow awareness. We take them to that next level and so it has an opportunity that that is completely in line with the value ladder that we spent so much time talking about. Click funnels that you can take your audience on an incredible journey where you can serve them at a high level and also grow your business in the way that you want to absolutely so bummed around different podcasts. More deeper on this shift. It's things. I'm super excited about again. I listening here at the cool. The amazing thing for me is first and foremost. It's not all that you're doing. Obviously you've got ls pond which is a dink cool thing at in addition to though i think the race but the part as we talked about earlier and that has the impact that you have in your family when it wasn't always the easiest and how it is now as we get close to wrapping things leonard are. What are the party. What are the words you want to make. People first and foremost worship get more from you but then what are the parting words. You have with them share while they can find more about me at l. Pond dot com. We have a great reminder regarding the race formula there for you and i find to be super helpful. And i referenced even i work with clients is to really get clear on who were speaking to and at what stage of the race are we at so. We know what type of copied craft so. It's a wonderful tool to use as you're crafting copy for your business for your message. As far as parting words. I would encourage your audience. That getting very clear on who they are and how they want to chart their life will give them the priorities they need to focus on. If you're stock. Think about who. The person is that walks across the stage with the to see x. Award and then do the things you need to do to be. That person and everything will fall fall in order. I didn't spend a whole bunch times hockey about this at thank you so very much. I'm so excited again. I highly recommend as you're listening. Go ellis bond. Make sure he's been time. Check that out. And most born police fox juliana and make sure he followed. She's got a great amount of content. Most importantly she's been huge fan for us. You've done just such an amazing offer so many years you've been involved in so many company so many businesses. I just want to say thank you very much. It's my pleasure and hey guys thank you. So much for creating such an awesome platform seen firsthand credible revenue and reach. That's possible because of what click funnels allows us to do. Well hope you absolutely love all the value that podcast speaking value right now. One of these really trying to do is overdeliver. And the thing we've seen that has probably created the greatest opportunity for us to over deliver to all of you..

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