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Krona's women over there. You know damn well you don't be doing the dark. Do the dark because you see senior around acting crazy. That lesson be city. Don't join a banana madness. Salish i know you had a great night right leshan. Don't join up in that man. Is you get caught up in the next thing. You know you had some sleazy bar so in allendale would dark liquor and you can't find your way home knock it off shawn and all the others. Continue being your wife. Yeah and knock it off. Knock it off with this whole situation and you had a good night. I'm sure you're welcome. I went to sleep. I couldn't hear nine. I couldn't hear just probably try to get started here. I couldn't hear all see them with china how she likes. You want all this 'cause to worried about putting casual in my ear lobes. Was it trying to get over china. I couldn't i was afraid i was gonna go. You don't mean. I go to the doctor i was like. I can't hear nothing like you had a good town. Who are you like. I can hear the sean good. Did you hear anything up here. Shut out to nelson adrian. Hey nelson adrian. You're not a new listener. But you haven't been here in awhile. Shout out to you. Shout to diane hall as diane hall. Diane you would've loved last night. I think that was right up marks alley great guy. Diane loves the dance. Yeah you would've been dancing all night. Head is the dancing machine out to neuroma johnson halo roma god bless of. What's going on girl shoutout to prentice car. Good morning mr robinson. Hey how are you nice city. Remember everybody if you knew this. I chat remember the week. Divisional stanley earl. Finers cox no pause. Oh god he's the first one is he. An is well documented..

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