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From Today's my day of going back to engineering but if i take an example from newton's second look which says that When you apply force that is fine. Work gets done when you apply force and something moves remember the surgeon so in life also very often used buying that they'll be two persons wishing the goal. Nothing is moving because they're pushing to opposite ends as they both believe that. That's their job. The oath believed that by proving the other league wrong. They're achieving something at that stage at the leader goes and tries to tell them. No no no no look. Ordinary are wishing from the wrong end. Stood of pushing from east to west push east and helps them brother. He may not be willing to do it. Because it'll take a away to reconcile that. What he was doing was not right so alignment is all about moving them a little. If they were pushing like this can they go push like this. And then they'll be some movement and the moment they start not wishing exactly against each other but a little aligned pushing and the ghosts moving since we surprised and happy that something's happening and nothing delights professional as much as end result and automatically find that when that happens this start realizing the words of working together aligning together and the results that keep showing on its own. So what one time. Just go and tell do goalies daily wrong. If you're re completely so alignment is about just doing it. Gradually so that pot is about the conflict on the other hand. I believe the conflicts are very important because any company where everyone is very happily agreeing with each other is not good one has to happen but it's just a question of how to use the conflict again somewhat like the proverbial advice that we were talking about and make it work in the right direction for the company I think these are the button boston. I was definitely talk about being very clear about the has to be very clear about. What is.

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