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All right, Ed. Thanks very much sports Now. Global Sports with Dan Schwartzman sedan, the French Open getting underway in Paris. Yeah, Brian, one big upset. The men Strong 11. See Davey go fan falling in straight sets. Unseeded Janek Sinner 16 Alexander's various 12 city, Diego Schwartzman. They both move on in straight sets. How about this one? Katie should court he returns from his battle with Corona virus to advance the second round. Needs five sets to be. Daniel Evans Will Andy Murray falls in straight sets his aim to standby. Branca looking at the women's draw, American teenage 16 year old Coco got knocking out 90 to join a content. The opening round Top seed Simona Halep intensity. Victoria Azarenka. Both move on in straight sets. Big day of European football. Let's start out the stoner in the Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich falling tow hop a 9421. As Byron gives up a braced Andre Crime Ridge in the Premier League. Manchester City gets dominated by Leicester City 52 at Etihad as last year's Golden Globe winner Jamie Vardy scores a hat trick well, Tottenham can only play, Newcastle told one old draw in La Liga. The Ronald Koeman era begins of the win is Barcelona knocks off Hillary al for the one as 17 year old and he scores the first half brace. Elsewhere in Spain. Atletico Madrid destroys for not a 6 to 1 is newly acquired. Luis Suarez scores a brace in Italy Christianity, although with the braces event displays Rome a tow to all draw Lacey Valon beats Cortona two mil and Napoli Beach genera six nail in legal one Stranger Man, a knockoff start Daham's to nil. Wingman. Patriots have moved to two and one on the season with the 36 to 21 on the road of the Las Vegas Raiders. As Tony Michelle put some 117 yards rushing on nine carries. New York Giants follow and three on the season big getting blasted by the San Francisco 40 Niners. 36 to 9.

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