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To beat out an infield hit, or you're trying to save a home run, you know just these weird movements. It's stuff you can't practice and I think at times, uh, guys just do things they've never done before trying to help their team win and all of a sudden you're out for six weeks or 12 weeks or an entire season because something snapped The outstanding voice of the White Sox joining us right now and cast birds Waddle and Sylvie on ESPN 1000. So what you said about Hey, they could get them back as and it's almost like bonuses. So how does Rick Hahn handle that balancing act of the trade deadline happening on July 31st and hoping they come back, but not counting on it and going after someone of substance position player wise? Well, I'm not going to speak for him, but I would say that he probably has had a bunch of sleepless nights. Contemplating that very question. How much do you give up to get a player back in return? Who could be an everyday player? And then all of a sudden if the other guy comes back, you don't mind having depths, right? And too many good players. But then all of a sudden you maybe have mortgage Bit too much of your future, if not even your present to maybe have to get the guy you want And then the balance doesn't quite work When everybody's healthy. I don't know. The the ultimate answer to that question. I would like to think that by maybe mid July, uh, Kenny and Rick and Jeremy Haber will have a better idea. Of How realistic it is that any if or all of the three will be back, So I do think there's still time and I appreciate that They have let this play out with internal solutions. So far, they haven't needed to go out and make a trade. And the main reason is they're starting pitching has been so good that they're in every single ball game. And then I think, secondarily the guys who have filled in have also been excellent for the most part, but I think the best answer to give guys is you wait as long as you can towards that trade deadline. And then make those big decisions when you're forced to, all right, So let's just play a hypothetical. We had a lot of calls on this, and I promised that I would ask you if they would go out and get someone of note to play an infield position, whether it's like a Trevor story type player. Are you open minded to moving players? Whether it's alloy. I mean Moncada back to second base or moving Tim Anderson, the second base or you not screwing around with them. It's funny. I was talking with two people here separately about the very question of Moncada moving Back to second base. Uh, I I even thought about it in terms of Jake Lamb, who is a third baseman by trade. And if you want to have him in the lineup a little more often, and you've got enough outfielders that day that she could put lamb there and and ultimately Sylvie, where I go, Yuan's having an MVP type season? Yeah. I'm not messing with him. The only way I would do it as if he literally walked into Tony's office and said, I want to play second base. I don't think that's a question. I would feel comfortable asking him. I would leave that one up to the player. And for now, I would leave him right where he is on land. I know he can't take the ball every night. But I'd like to watch Lance Lynn pitch every night that dude and he deals and he's fun to watch. Do what he does. He is He really is. He's a very interesting guy. Off the field as well. I've gotten to know him a little bit. He's exactly what I think this team and this pitching staff needed. He's been through a lot of those wars he's pitched in the postseason. He pitched for Tony when he was a rookie. Way back when The stuff is really good. And the bar has been set so high that I don't think I've been effusive enough in my prays When all of a sudden you look down and you go Wait a minute. He just went seven innings, no walks and nine strikeouts. But we've come to expect it now. It feels like every fifth day from Lance Lynn and this has been one of the best stretches I've seen in a long time, probably going back to when I watched Jake area to dominate. The stuff is not the same as Jakes. It's more fastball heavy, but right now you're almost shocked when he gives up a run. We were debating earlier in the show Lenn whether or not the record against really good teams is important for the white sacks if they keep winning in general Well, they're dominating the teams they should beat and they're right around 500 against the really good teams. That's that's usually how it plays out right. There aren't too many teams in the history of the game. Who dominate everybody. Those are the teams that win 115 games a year. So with the unbalanced schedule that we have now the idea is against the 4th and 5th place clubs. If you can win 14 15 out of 19 against each You really don't have to dominate the rest of the league and the White Sox are on. What about a 98 99 win Pace right now. That'll that'll work. Yeah, that will play right it finally Len, are you as frustrated as everyone is with replay, not necessarily the outcome, but the process and the lack of transparency. Yes And no. I think it has come a long way. I think they've done a much better job with it. I feel like we've had more moments in games where the proceedings tend to be halted because of the 22nd limit. There have been a few calls that feel like they should have been overturned and have not. I think ultimately It will keep getting better. And I think the best thing is the communication aspect. And that's where miking the crew chief is probably the way to go. So the 25,000 people in the ballpark and those watching and listening can hear it directly from the person who got it from New York. Here's the call, and here's why we made it. I think that would help a lot when I've said Why not Just show us through technology? The guy reviewing the play in New York? Why can't we make that guy up? It's not a bad idea. The XFL did it. Yeah, Yeah, I'm good with that. Absolutely and have a great game. Good stuff as always, And we always appreciate your time. Thanks. Have a great weekend, fellas. There he is. He's outstanding and he's right here on ESPN 1000 nearly each and every day is Len KASPER, and he's the voice of the white side. The XFL also wrestled for the football to see who got it. That's the old accent foul. I'm not saying it's all good, but maybe we could do the same thing. The pictures could wrestle on the mat. Found and whoever wins They get to choose whether they want to bat First BAT Lab. You leave me perfectly into the meathead notion that the voice of the Yankees brought up on the air and he wants to wrestle, Maybe even more. I want to play you one of the one of the worst things I've heard from a play by play voice in baseball in a long time that's coming up. Next. You were talking about waddling silk self on.

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