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What it is here? I, can't speak to this. But if I had my fourth dog, I wouldn't have to miss a podcast you don't. Know. Jogging here. They're gonNA. Name this kid sprained ankle. Didn't get to be around for it because Gordon role is like, well, you know got to see the family I'll see this kid sometimes just checking on facetime at halftime. That was great. I'm going to check in June she had a baby. ARIGHT CLA. W played twenty four minutes Lee shaking your head. You're not. A. Regret this telling I've got two boys and there was no way in the world I was going to miss their birth or anything but what about the fourth for you? I would like conference by. I hope it's worth a Gordon if he's happy and he's walks in peace with that decision, then it's business and nobody else's but. I guess because he missed so much time already he's life his his partner of decided. Just kicked gone because you might be done in a week anyway, and maybe she stopped regularly and you are playing for a championship. They are it's a possibility of Boston. Celtics could win title. and. It's also not like Gordon Hayward. It's been around for a year or two, and you get that whole thing like I'll have other chances. No, we'll get back. You know it's like he's been around for a while and he's had that nasty injuries where he's not so much time. So I'm sure it's like listen you just don't know what the future holds. So maybe this is your chance is your opportunity get that championship and moved not tell about it and hopefully. I want you said before we got into the Gordon Hayward little tangent there with Robin. You said convincingly convincing win re was gained three a convincing win. Liamine. On. Point, there was like basically a two possession game. Robson guess missed a free throw. It was getting pretty close again yet but considering the way the Celtics have played in the way that they set the tunnel I was convinced that game I mean even though it got close as you mentioned, it didn't feel like to me that the Celtics control of that game they were in control and the way that they plight. Dominated thought Miami. Enough Times to be like, yeah, this is a this is a big win for them. I mean pivotal whatever you WANNA call it they had to get. And I did and and also I just think from everything that came out of this guy for the Celtics, they're gonNA go in Nafta game four feet feeling like be aggressive. Again, let's take drug if we can. Yeah and if we can get this back to to to then then we're right back in this series and and again they have they weren't like outplay badly in the first two games. I do. Yes again. So I just think that they they sort of finally things went there why they got things right but they but they took control early on and and made Miami suffered this game. So I was convinced that this game that that was not just a lucky win. The Celtics have scored more points now in the series, right got the bigger margin of victory, which is hilarious and yeah, it was. The last three minutes were scary. If you're a celtics fan no share they go into prevent offense where. You say it's twenty four seconds on the shot clock every single time and makes for tough shots. But they had they had an answer for every single run. You guys mentioned the second quarter run. They did the exact same at the end of the third quarter. Now, they just got to figure out. Hey, this game ends after forty eight minutes not forty five minutes but I was impressed. You know that's exactly what they needed end look like the heat. Weren't one hundred percent in they thought they could pull it off. They thought they could flip the switch in the fourth quarter afterwards where they were saying, we realized we can't flip the switch like that. So yeah, they'll have a better effort in game four, but I was impressed with the Celtics. This is exactly what we needed to see. Very impressed but I'm glad you said it Tracy I was GonNa, say to get rid of this when you get. The lead and you're starting to get into the final six five minutes of this game likes keep running. What got you there man like keep taking shots within the flow of the offense but they do this thing where it's like the but cheeks get super tight and they are just killing the clock and get it. That's good on one hand. But I think they're going a little extreme with it because of the shots in the looks and sloppy play. It's like that's not what you should be doing in my mind that prevent offense as you call it not a good look just keep going keep flowing. It's okay. You might have the turnover rushed shot still probably. GonNa be better than what you're actually end up getting because you're giving a great defensive more time to lock up and set up and stuff like that and. They gotta get that you gotTa take care of that if they want to win a championship to whether it's to get out of this round or even whoever they play in the finals. GotTa get a little better than that. Well I think the spotlight on that falls back a little bit to the coach. If if I'm the say like run just run a play that you know is gives you a high percentage look when Jaylen Brown setting that being the screen early on worked for them right? Right. Like if you can get Bam, someone can drag Bama then just run a play like that. But that happens as well. Teams get a little bit nervous I like I just want to preserve the win and they they get a little bit tight towards the end of games. But you know they pulled it off and that's really all the camps and you know and for the for the hate. Jimmy we sort of waiting to see that. Big Punchier from Jimmy that we haven't really seen so far in this series. where it feels like he can just go out there a truly you know flex his muscles..

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