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I mean, you know, Mike, Weber, I think has chance to be a more legitimate backup from the way that role is defined to Zeke, then Tony politics. I mean, I think you're looking at a running back room in say running back very loosely Zeke Toni Ballard, Mike Weber engine as all the wall. And look I love dairy strikes, and he's been on this show. But I just I don't know that if you're the Cowboys you're carrying four running backs and fullback because we're going to have to go deep somewhere else. We don't even know it's so early to fifty three man roster projections, but is Rico Gad is going to make this team. Because if he does right there you've got four tight ends. We just mentioned all the defensive lamb, and you're going to have you know, in in contention for roster spots are you going to carry through quarterbacks? Again. I mean, all of a sudden it's going to be shy in a lot of places. And I don't know that Darius Jackson has done enough to make this roster. He's had a really really interesting NFL career. So far he's really fought his way back to get back with the Cowboys. But I don't know. I mean, I don't think the Cowboys have drafted two running backs in this this draft. I think that they were they were they felt the Mike Weber was there in the seventh round. I don't think they would've spent two picks on them to just watch one of them walk away, especially one who kind of knows equal. I know that that's kind of a weird thing to hang your hat on. It's funny. How sort of secondary running back for the Cowboys out of Ohio State? Have these loose ties to the organization, obviously, rod Smith was the brother of Jalen Smith. And now, Mike Weber the former kind of teammate Zeke just interesting interesting kind of common denominator there. But it is what it is overall. The class is really exciting. There's a lot to be excited about I think this is a really really interesting class. I mean again, it was kind of best player available. It is kind of old for the Cowboys to not have drafted a tight end in class that was very deep. But the position they did obviously come away with the safety. Donovan Wilson, certainly not a premier name, but one that could be served. Sibal somewhere down the road. So overall Billy pumped we do have video..

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