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You know you have to find the person that does both right look i'm saying this as a pakistani american it doesn't have to be a pakistani woman writing this movie just be good understand the care about erecting the movie that's a whole different thing like the director which which race do you choose out of the people in the movie to be the director i mean come on does it have to be directed by we maybe you can find a woman director that'll be cool pucca sunny women director would be excellent i'm sure there's some out there yeah let's give him a huge franchise maybe they would what if they do this what if they just like make a director in name only in the second unit director really does everything look the point is just the person who's good at right for the job that's all i want to see miss marvel on the big screen like we're gonna take a quick break i gotta play some promos at some other podcasts you might wanna check out and we'll be back after the break do you like movies good visit diet mr life finds a way tv a girl has no name kiddie kiddie just disappeared into music hello stay seems to me mattio if you love geeking out about your pop culture passions see here's the thing may be the podcast for you join me and my co host patrick as we dive into a weekly digest of news clips about movies tv video games theater and more special guests improv games and terrible celebrity impersonations abound in our weekly episodes published directly on pottu matic you can also subscribe to us on high tunes speaker stitcher tune in and google play be sure to follow us on facebook twitter instagram youtube google plus and pinterest see here's the thing it's where humor and pop culture collide.

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