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Of the after life it's going to be called the Oprah media is being built right now by thousands of women who are excited for the chance to prove their devotion that's right Jim about ten thousand of her most loyal fans have already started digging the foundation and pouring the marble that will be needed to build the to the business that a camera crew to the construction site this morning I already burnt offerings from my shrine at home so this is a huge honor now I hear that Oprah had a lot of input on the design of the interchange and it was also her idea to adore the south portico with a sixty foot tall sculpture of her thyroid agree right. right help women she thinks of everything she does well Alex Blair thank you so much for joining us as always thanks guys. as fake as the news on the wall show. forty five. thank you for tuning in. on this Tuesday. nine one six nine two one fifteen thirty toll free one eight hundred eight three four fifteen thirty it's got a couple of phone calls. someone talk to Erin hi Erin. they are going good thank you it should have thank you we're sorry I I I can I think I can tell you why there is such a public keeping problem on the Russian river in the summer because I've been there it's not pretty brother you been to the river and you've seen it yourself. yeah I went on a canoe trip with a bunch of strangers probably like. met late late July you know I kept I kept looking at the rocks and allergy it. color of the rocks and. I'm kind of like it I'm currently a clean river aficionado yeah growing up in Oregon and rafting on the river is up in the Sierra edit the water I mean you can just tell that there there's there's got to be some reasons besides just you know run off from the from the agricultural wineries that there's got to be something else to it yes and. yeah I mean there is just too much of the volume of people in the summer months the the the water levels now people are causally shopping every half mile large groups of people and get out partying on the beach I mean that just just kind of par for the course. so you're walking along the river there and you're just seeing this room them taking from what you're saying that this really did seem to be a problem that you were noticing. I mean I didn't notice a lot of spots but a lot of you know for their other people up and down the river ducking in and out of the bushes. news and. right you know yeah. I'll be right back. okay let's keep going I'm sorry go ahead. well yeah I just the sheer volume of people going down the river in the in the in the summer and it just kind of breaks your heart because you know most almost everybody is coming up that to the Russian river corridor from the bears in the weekends you know missed us the. the environmentalists lead the day save the rides it will just go to the Russian river and you know you for we want sure right I I mean when I will when I got off the river I could not I I still contaminated ice it's not wait to get home and. if you guys want clear clear rafting in real clear clean water I'm your host eastern Oregon Siskiyou county there you go it's there the Russian river it is you. told to be grossed out yeah so good on the Russian river in summer I'm taking your advice here in the one hundred percent taken your advice my friend thank you thanks for adding to thank you. Hey Bonnie were you. Barney. you're supposed to care about the environment. yeah we care about the environment until it's their turn and I go well. hello he got to do what you gotta do. wow this is on the wall Sir hello Wes. that's where you go. I'm sorry. anybody see what. lord. I don't know what they are. unbelievable thank you. well that that that yeah it's just. believable you do. now this shoe much. thank you. you know just I want to try to give you a clue where I was that what I was doing. I'm sure green machine and I'm sure there're two dollar bill is on the headliner. everybody kept saying well you know the northwest and it's a bad idea. anyway it was it was quite the thing so so less is been work is is a group of is he in a group of other folks have been working on my hot rod so that we can sell it and hopefully you garner some money for our friends and and Katelyn was. about it but I I don't you know she's ready I'll see you at two thirty tomorrow and I I hope that Kendall I put my you're everything out for you might you know there's a Fauria and we did it for you yes is I never met you I hope to meet you soon but. we did it for you and and here she is yeah in it in it looks amazing Wesson thank you very much yeah. and I just can't thank you guys enough and tomorrow we do the test drive right yes Sir tomorrow's a tester and now we're going to teach you how to handle it we're gonna get you out of make it. speak be your own make yours that's a lot different than it was a couple of weeks ago when you guys took it over and. our rations. you're going to drive I don't yes Sir yes Sir well I'm really looking forward to it you you are a blessing to my friends mark and Kendall and to myself and the fact that you enjoy the show so great for us. everybody will see you tomorrow okay we'll see you soon thank you my friend have a great night thank you once thank you so much. as good people out there my friends. very good people out there about once. building a better Sacramento with news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. on fifteen thirty et al and your heart radio app for many students cost is one of the biggest concerns about college and with good reason between tuition and living expenses and fees college can be very expensive at Frostburg state university they want you to know that that doesn't mean college is out of reach there are lots of resources available to help you start by filling out an FAFSA form invest in yourself and get started today Frostburg state university one university.

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