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Wanna watch with these two managers are going to do because they're fights let's face it now you know mickey calloway has been in baseball he's been sitting on a bench she's been sitting next to one of the best managers in during his time and tito francona but at the end of the day aaron boone inherits a monster of a baseball team coming off of a a season that was unexpected led by a manager who was gruff who was you know who was not a lot of fun who was probably tents in the locker room and who really i think the most of his team last year so if you ask me right now who is under the most pressure in major league baseball in this city i would have to say that it's aaron boom yeah i can't go there because i just don't believe that especially this day and age with how much power the general manager the pressures on brian brian cashman made the move to put them in there brian cashman stocks that's what it's about i mean aaron boone he'll be fine there's only the i don't know how many things you could possibly screw up why was everybody not everybody but why were there the joe girardi detractors like what you're sitting here and you're trying to minimize what a manager does for baseball team and i know a lot of people tend to do that i don't believe that i believe the manager sets the tone for the baseball team and that's why coming out of spring training i love what micky calloway's done here i didn't like his opening press conference you know that we made fun of it here for for weeks and desert be why because it deserved to be made fun of this new york i don't wanna be hearing this lovey we're gonna make these great guys to be uncomfortable i.

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