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Delivering participant Don't like endorsing my military service programs for 20 years later, But if you're somebody don't skim, a global crisis counselor refers to this complex is like on 1 800 handler, 104 to 6 to 537. And Nissan Drive with 0% financing for 84 months. That's no interest for 74 years or save with 511,000 off MSRP. The Hawk Auto Auto Show is going on now at Hakata Calm Drive what I drive Drive a hawk. Models 11 90 per month for 1000 finance on approved credit from the first Midwest Best State Street Studio, Chicago's new home off the White Sox W M v P Chicago Zoning out on that June meeting suit suit suit. Find out What Carmen in your co we're talking about. Tell your smart speaker to play ESPN 1000. Thank you. Danny. Jeff. Yeah? Kristen Al with 16. Ft. Snow Penis. Phenomenal. I mean, it's It's breathtaking. Breathtaking. Uh, Pardon express. Yes, Exactly. Thank you. Booger McFarland, who was hilarious. And thank you, J. R. Strauss. United.

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