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Just can't be threes and dunks. You gotta you gotTa have a mid range gay. Yeah unless you're shack only six six. It's I think he's got high capability. Promoter Bob Arum has proposed A to fight deal between lean boxer terrance Crawford and see star Conor McGregor. The I would be an Emma. My belt and that would be followed by a boxing match. Qatar has been angling angling to get into the ring again either rematch with floyd mayweather or taking on Manny Pacquiao. So this deal could help turn McGregor into a legit boxer serve. Our Shannon is a good idea or bad idea for connor skew Connor Bra. You just had a big big win over Cowboy Sarojini and it looks like you climbing to that mountain that you that you occupy for a period of time stick to the UFC and when it comes to the boxing thing people wanted the boxing because of who you were fighting but Crawford is unbelievable but he ain't Floyd Mayweather people. Don't come see you fight but Crawford. Nobody thinks that blood cropper Alva can beat you in the octagon. So why am I gonNa Watch. Plus but Crawford isn't a big enough name undefeated now but is a household household name. No is Floyd Mayweather. Junior manny pack. No no no the only other guy that could fight that would generate buzz and you know who it is. He's too the big board camello literally today to basically when your story out of around whatever but stopping yeah. This is a Bob Arum special. But he's just trying to draw something early out there right okay. Would I watch it. Would I pay to watch it. Yes I would I without pay to watch them but I don't think a lot of people would pay you. This would be no record pay-per-view you got shot but you could buy Shawn Porter. It was the guy. Just an accident. Dallas Neil Spence fight boxing. That is it for us. We'll be back tomorrow. Ah Morning at nine thirty eastern. Thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Johnny tapped. Join US again at the same time tomorrow morning. Nine thirty eastern. We'll see you then of..

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