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We serve it at all the restaurants so what makes that cake so special i think is special because it has coconut milk coconut crane culinary extract and then it has the coconut flakes people just love it what's your favorite thing to make i like citrus desserts my favorite is lemon you give me anything sweet and tangy flavor other lemons and i hear that just today you you made a tyranny sue as well right we make hours with a little twist to do you know has traditionally may with lady fingers i make it polenta power cape we soak it in expresso and moscow pong and we type it out for some chocolate shavings now i'm hungry so one of the interesting things about you as a pastry chef is that you were diagnosed with diabetes how has that influenced your your life and your work well at first when i found out it was depressing because you find out that the thing that you love to do you really can't eat so i had to like try to space myself because you know you have to face and you know it's still hard even today you know i was diagnosed with about ten years ago but i'm doing good have you still taste the desserts oh yes time i eat them i can't resist well frank is one of my influence you know i just love what he does and then you know i really started with like with my mom and my aunt being in the kitchen with them when i was small and you know i like to watch tv you know the food network and stuff like you watch that while you're while you're cooking rice sometime yeah sometime i'll go watch it and get some pretty good ideas off there oh.

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