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Can they just avoid lose. It's like they always drop when the kansas state iowa state or you turn around for one second and you look back and they're like wait a minute you know how did you do. You feel like this team with alex. Grinches the dc. Who you can give me spencer radler. All you want that defense to me is the one that's got to save you win those games. 'cause the offense is always gonna to be there. Yeah he hit the on. Had the the the thing that makes me so optimistic for oklahoma this year to not just win the big twelve but actually win a game. Possibly is that defense. It's not going to be an elite defense. I wouldn't think but they were a top twenty five defense last season which is a big big improvement for where they were in the end of the the mike. Stoops era there so You know you've got a quarterback because being projected as the number one pick. They've got two really good running backs so they have some depth issues now behind that If they drop a game of somewhere along the way in the big twelve with their twelve and one i i would assume they'll be there I actually think the big twelve as i did my research for my conference Predictions for everybody. You know dumping on the big twelve right now. Because of what's happening reliant on the field twenty twenty one. I think they could be the toughest conference outside the sec. There is a gap. there obviously But i think that you've got first of all to legit playoff type teams in oklahoma iowa state then i think they go six maybe even seventy of teams that i could see being in the top twenty five and i can't say that union in about the big tent to be honest true you you look again and this is kind of one of those years where a lot of teams have a lot back as well. You've heard the iowa state love in the big twelve iowa state. getting a tunnel of. We'll see how that goes should be a great match up when they play but going to the second matchup clemson and ohio state using the little deductive reasoning skills. That i have stewart. I'm guessing since you have clemson and bama in there. Do you think clemson beats georgia week. One or two early to make that prognostication..

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