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Okay? I guess Rocket man gonna be lost. Okay. I got one more for you Ready? Actually, I might have to. Here's the next club. I don't know the words to this one. But if you don't have words to the song is It was the theme from 2001. A space Odyssey which was written by Rickard Strauss who run this I think the words are put bomb. I know how to sing to the sun to go. One more for you. You ready? Here's your clue. Oh, wait. I'm sorry. Tried again. Swiss Splash. I was taking a bath. Yes, that's the song. I was taking them. How is that a song about spaceships Way thought we played because that's what the space capsule did over the week. Okay, Got it. You, sir, are five for five. Well and will assist on a lawn. That's true. What do you do for a living mark? Only retired insurance broker. You do not sound old enough to be retired. I have you at 43 here. Thank you so much. I'm actually all in 68. Wow. Iraq and it Well, sir, talked. You talked to Ryan off the air. He's my producer. Today. He'll get your name your shoe size all that stuff. And then will you I saw you and Teddy Roosevelt College of DuPage. What did you think of that? I'm sorry. I know I'm a history history. Not anyway, So it's all good. It's nice to be to call and say that we're not going to be able to do that show this fall because of the You know what we'll do. One next year. You come to that one as well. Double duty. July is hot Dog.

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