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And. Then the dewalt when on sale. The Dewalt Random Orbit Sanders was now ten dollars less. Than it, splash counterpart. and. Ten dollars is ten dollars, right. The. Boss was the better by. Right. Well not so fast. Both sanders come with either a dust collector bag or a canister. However, if you want to attach a vacuum hose for collection. Both require an adapter. The adapter is included with the Bausch. The Dewalt adapter is sold separately and runs about twenty five to thirty dollars Canadian. Now which is the better by. Of course, that's going to depend on whether I actually ever used the vacuum attachment, but you get my point. That was in the spring. Spring turned into summer and summer turn to fall and as the weather cooled I decided that it was finally time to dive into Steve Ramsey's. Weekend woodworker course. I. Mean I signed up for this thing a couple of years ago. Finally, it was time to start working on it. And the first I was to build the basic mobile work bench or BMW. At least I could say that I had a BMW my garage right. So I'm working on this workbench. And I've got the legs in the frame assembled and it's all coming together. Nicely. I'm cutting the three quarter inch plywood on my more than. Twenty year old trade master contractor saw. It's a little awkward because I don't have an fi table, but it's going. Okay. I'm cutting a four by four foot piece of plywood in half. And as I near the end of the cut. I reach over I shot off the saw. The Spinning Blade slows to a stop, but it still has just enough momentum to finish they cut. I slide the one piece back onto the table as I hold onto the cutoff peace and gently allow gravity. To take the other end of it to the floor. So. Now it's leaning against the table saw. Plays, the cut piece to the side. It's.

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