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Email just sound sessions pahad edge email dot com absolutely absolutely it's it's gonna be a great show we have a lot of fun we have a great audience outside and in the studio we have just a quick mentioned my my my brother adam and my cousin jr here with us i got to say j is twelve years old interested in the broadcast world and i asked him he's got a podcast and i said what's your guest about current events technology all these other things like when i was twelve i was playing video games doing wrestler action figures you know the i'm so impressed by yet the big things happening for both you guys is very to record adam and my brother who have mentioned on show before works of the cubs she's got his new fancy chicago cubs world series ring on our mandate it's good positive vibes your let's do this let's take a quick were quick break when we come back and talk to our body brian newnan you are listening to sound sessions here on wgn wgn radio a heightened alert collins call him the first reporter former chicago come terms wgam street reporter literally shrine connections and the skills to bring us the biggest really i try to two plane crashes two notable deaths wary was one of those guys was constantly to the police and fire scooters ready to jump in the first on the scene these twin sons matthew mark remember mom talk him in the case yeah union station what watched macau's vacation home basically showing his finger whoa sorry he couldn't relax because he felt like he was missing the store nothing that i was involved with the awali was rehearsed paul teich nato's as are going down wgn took a chance on a guy who had experienced and wali took the chant energy it added to wall shell when it doesn't i made my career more leery and all of our twenty seven wgn radio walk of fame inductees who's your wgnradiocom in search keywords walk of fame so we can't say her name but to finish one you might have right of choice bad rebel moving how'd you get your information really well when the german she must be.

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