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Iran, I did the third World Cup finish. Et cetera, et cetera, his bad man management, everything that happened at the symposium, the leadership symposium, what Johnny ray et cetera, et cetera, John Anthony Brooks saw that went down Weston McKinney in that protocol, all this other stuff. Let me give you the other side of that coin. Can you imagine the first time if he's back? The first time he has a camp. The circus surrounding everything that would happen with Greg burr halter. The scrutiny for Greg bureau halter for the players, the time that he has to call Giovanni Reina up because you're not gonna knock on, you're not going to not call up one of your players. Of course. You're gonna call Giovanni reign up. What that would be like for him. Four Giovanni Reina, for the pool of players, it's a terrible idea. Now, I ask myself why Christian Pulisic would say this. Christian Pulisic is a player that needs to be loved. You saw it there in the Montage. Greg burter valued him, made him a captain, a lot of games showed him that love, and trusted in him that faith of being a leader on the team, he had in Greg berhalter, coach who believed in him, something that he's not had at Chelsea with Frank Lampard with Thomas Tuchel, certainly with Graham Potter. The majority of it's always something with the coach in Chelsea. It's always something, okay? He found in Greg berhalter, somebody who believed him. So I understand why he would go out there and back him the no doubt in my mind. A little tough to hear given the circumstances, but I could see an empathize with why he would say that. So I've heard you many times saying, just like now, why you don't believe Gerber holder should be back, right? When I listened to Christian Pulisic, maybe the fact the way he's saying it should give us an idea how the players feel about working with Greg Berg holder and Anne that everything as grand said during their interview. Those gains, right? Those gains that because you all the results and all the steps. Yeah, they were not great, but they were not bad. So there were some things that were achieved under Greg berhalter. Don't you believe that the fact that players like him players like working with them should also be a factor when choosing the new manager for the team? No, the biggest factor should be who can help you win. Who can help you transcend? Who can help you get better? Who can help you take your game and elevate it to the next level, not who you feel comfortable with. The reality is Christian Pulisic is backing Greg berhalter in this clearly, yeah. It's not that the player pool is backing Greg burr Holter. That's what he speaks for to players. No, no, no. He speaks for you. Listen. Do you think he speaks for children right now? I mean, not gia, but many other players. And by the way, by the way, you don't think about those many other players really quickly. Per the athletic,

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