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Two three four five o'clock in the morning and you know they're doing what they have to do and I'm telling you without truck drivers this country would be up a creek. and the thought of driverless trucks drives me nuts. I mean it's just it's crazy it's one ask it's lunacy. let's never do that let's go to I'm Louise in Louisville Kentucky is this Cleopatra yes it is. thank you for accepting my call sure the program last night was so exciting would would treated me with when they miss Simpson laying this is saying this thing was marked instantly two thousand years. we go are you sure I'm positive so let me tell you the story is documented on the travel channel this change was born in Missouri in the eighteen hundreds well he was an elbow traps all over the country when happy came into Kentucky and he observed the house where Maggie Graham deals with with me in another life Megan brown had a former so he wants the house for two three hours until it got dark city came and knocked on the door and he said to Maggie brown lady we you fix me a meal I'm hungry he looked at it he said I won't bother you let me and so she did manage to fix the meal it was a very meager meal so he sat down at the big wooden table in the head at the table he's a wise to me also meager he said the tax collectors coming to take my house tomorrow I have run out of money he said how much do you owe he told me he said okay he ate the meal and the next year he said I've spent the night is that alright. warning he left the money they she owns the tax collector and he said make sure that you get a refill he said all right he developed he said Minton now make sure you get a receipt for that okay. this is Laura when he is in the mountains with the tax collector came. he knocked on the door Maggie brown said yes he said I'm here to collect the money for your taxes no I see wouldn't have issues that come in for games the money for the taxes he said I need a receipt he said okay he gave her the receipt then he'd about heading back to town. this is James came running. I know what's going to happen here he told the may give me your money bag and your car and your pistol the man is Jesse thank them up. who are you he said this is Stacey said don't turn around he said if we turn the mass how we shoot you so the man with the tail he told everybody and everything. yeah. the money to Maggie brown they're in route to manage the money they ran off again was it legal I mean did you still get to keep the house. and this is brilliant documented on the travel channel one of the point I won't come make when Jesse James after he faked his death he came back to Maggie brown because he met I mean that was the first time they met he came back to a three times lay the last time he came he said Maggie on these and I'm going to South America to standing in the yard to successfully don't you wish you. she sells for a month they have been a lot for two thousand years well that's true he settled on life and he didn't say anything please don't leave me here take me with his students in sync them found he says clam up on the back of a horse she's trying to come up on the horse but you know how hard it is get on a horse with no one to help you only he put his hand back recent pulled her up they run off together and went to South America where they live happily ever after what a great story Louise of course is the she says the reincarnated Cleopatra and that's why she knows all these things anyways we're gonna continue with open lines when we come right back that may have been the fastest half hour I've ever witnessed but we'll be back in a moment right here on coast to coast AM never miss a detail on a show or a guest sign up for the.

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