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You're one your fucking that kids mother stay for the rest of their life. And who on top of that this is nineteen eighty in may? He looked really good trilogy. Oh my God. We're back to the trilogy. He she can no longer see the second movie I mean is so inconsiderate. Oh, I just had a thought. She didn't go on vacation, where she go. Well, we knew that we wouldn't be doing this, so no she didn't go on vacation, because she didn't take any suitcases with her. She put it in case. Let's take a suitcase with her. Oh, we're not getting into that. It's, it's possible the number count. So think about the car was left at the airport. What do you do at an airport you a suitcase? And you go on the plane. So she may have gotten on a plane in a suitcase. I take two suitcases. Yes. We all we don't all know. I know that when you pack for an overnight trip you take suitcases. Now. How did you do that? 'cause anyone's case for everything I'm taking with me once case for everything I'm going to. More sense, but you suck but I like to shove my wall and knows you like the shop your knows all about me. All right. So back to the story. So we've got the car, it's left immaculately clean keys, left underneath the mat. And then at that point, the trail goes completely cold, and she never touched your Bank account. Correct. So the story had it was money in our count, and that never got touched ever signing. She didn't by plane ticket. She bite suitcase especially about groceries. She did buy groceries. But but or when you bought it. Don't you think it would be helpful if they released some of this information this many years after the pact personal see the benefit of holding onto information this many years after the fact I think it's stupid. I think it hurts the families because they want as much details as a maid details can get. And if they're not getting it at this point, the families are actually hiring private investigators and stuff to try and look into it and private investigator can't get that information either. Right. Didn't get a little more systems from the cops than the average Joe. But no most of the time that record information still sealed. Okay. So. Oh you're kidding. So rumor has it that a number years later. The X bet has been. You have did alling the babysitter. So, yes. A couple years later, there's a few rumors out there that one story said that he married the babysitter. Their story said that he's just playing around with the baby sitter, either way that's issues. You can get Dickie. It's gross. Okay. I get it as gross. I'm questioning your word itchy fucking the source. Iki. Oh, okay. If he's like moist. And what was he other words? Asi. So, yeah, so he in the babysitter playing around years later. But this is years later. We don't know that has anything to do with, it might have something to do with it. I mean, we could investigate was babysitter Schnee issues in arrears of babysitter owed some or a lot of babysitting money. I mean that's like that's like all the gods money. I mean, you're gonna be fucked. You're kidding. You're saying that babysitters going to kneecap you for their money no semi because there's won't disappear your ass for their money. All right. But then the babysitter consoles the husband after the fact. Well she's a very considerate babysitter. Or he's working off the money that she owes them. Heals? Her river sexism. Why is a man have to one for Noor? Okay. The babysit never this point the babysitter is with the husband, though. Yes. And we don't know I'm like, are they still together? Okay. Out there in that. But we don't know what happened to add. Because she's completely disappeared in. There's no trace over whatsoever. Nothing is knows that's the last time anybody ever hears from her. At all, what the fuck mother's day, right? Oh, god. We're you. I felt bad for this kid. We're supposed to advocate. It's, it's really shitty and it's really shitty for the family. Don't get your on, but it's to just disappear thousand women that go disappeared at this pier every year. This the people disappeared here. But for this to go on this, long known for mation. I mean it's just really weird that the car was found super clean. It's really weird that she felt you being followed. It's really weird that choose cannot mother's day. I mean, it's a weird day to be kidnapped not necessarily a good. They didn't kidnapped. That's still weird eighty kidnapped Father's Day. That could be a benefit kidnapped on Father's Day. It would be the best fathers. They give to you for. As long as you come back if you days later, because you don't want to be without me. What was it? Twenty two years, twenty one years. Oh, that's we? All right. So. I so I think at this point, that's the end of the all the notes have here for me. There's nothing really nothing else to be sad. I mean fortunately and disappeared and to never heard from again. And there is no leaves the Georgia Bureau investigation has a website up there. You can look up her name, but there's nothing on her. She just has disappeared as gone. The strangest part of this whole story, even when they look at it is the car, they don't understand why the car was white clean. Why the key was left underneath the doormat and other car was clean to. There's no fingerprints, I guess that points to the fact that they're really there's somebody else involved in this didn't want to be identified. So think about that, for second this person white, the car, clean really playing in the detail my car, but. He went to car clean. It doesn't that's not to implement impulsive act. This is something that was done by somebody who's done this, before you, if you're doing an impulsive, act and kidnapping somebody, you're not going to be there, all white the car. What do you do with this person that you've -ducted while you're cleaning this car? Oh, that doesn't sound good. Oh. You can assume either a they're already dead during conscious. But chances are if she was adopted, and if disappeared the way with trace, and if it was non voluntary you'd have to assume that she was disposed or killed in a different location and the car was simply dropped off. But the car being left at the airport, and he's clean is really, really weird. So I'm that. And either the doctor had somewhere to go. Or they have another person there to pick them up because they left the car at the airport. How do they get away from the airport airport transportation hope no matter what you're talking about? Airplanes. Taxis buses all of that one St. through network. So they could have left the car at the long term parking short term parking, we don't know. That's right. It was the short. Okay. So they could left the car at the short term parking they could have gotten into taxiing gone on their way and they wouldn't have looked weird at all right? And thousands of people come come and go for air comedy cars, get abandoned at parking airports. I would guess, good place at delta car, general, won't because if you leave it in long term parking, nobody's even gonna think about the fact that it's there. This one was left in short term parking, which is probably why the police found it so quickly. It was probably the only reason they found it is because it was in short term parking. But if you think about any car left and long term parking by personal know many cops that that diligent drive up and down through. If there's gonna do it, will they wouldn't have any clue to look at one term. It's like say my car's missing can I don't know where it is you go. Find it. That's me at the grocery store. Nothing drive through every parking lot, every parking garage to try and find a car. It's not what they'll do. It's true, but they were looking for, and the missing persons case was filed immediately. They were looking for her, and that's why they found the car so quick. Well, I, I feel bad for the kid, I feel bad for the family. I mean, there's the, the fact that the husbands with the babysitter. It's so gross. I mean that's I get it things happen. Years, go on. But. The babysitter dude. Stock. She's probably of age now. Oh, you had the hots for the babysitter when she has a babysitter. No. Do you do mobile sitters in my head are eighteen six in your head? So in your head the babysitters eighteen I'm we never had any babysitters. You would've not let me hire babysitter. You would have insisted on a Helga or something, a men because you tried to hire stripper strippers are babysitters, too. But she paid that one too. Probably. All right. So we've come full circle with this back around his son funny, but these stories are going to be a little sad at the end. So. I really you didn't write me and I'll tro exit. How do we didn't? I was going to do originally and now you're doing it. So I think you should come up with something on the fly on the fly insa show. All right. Well, let's do this. I want to thank everybody for listening. Anybody who is listening? Please stick with us. I'm sure this is going to get a lot easier. And better as we move forward is their way to put any information on. If somebody has any information about an lucky Lincoln podcast. Oh. If you look up her name on the Georgia Bureau investigations, you can find it formation about including the formation on disappearance, who to contact you knew something. So there is a way you can do that way. All right. So if for one reason, or another, you have any information about Helen, I'm Morgan Georgia beer of investigations. All right. So I wanna thank everybody for listening do us a favor until you friends and have a good night or morning or day or..

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