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Three. From ABC news. and here he trusted members of congress now getting their questions ready for former special counsel robert muller he is agreed to testify before a pair of house committees on july seventeenth democrats still have a lot of detailed questions they want to ask about obstruction while republicans are likely to ask muller a lot of questions about how his team handled this investigation there are plenty of questions that lawmakers have for him what remains unknown is how much he's going to actually answer because he made pretty clear that his report he says speaks for itself doesn't want to go beyond that to sees mary bruce on capitol hill democrats hoping to be president star two days of debates tonight a._b._c.'s aaron katersky is in miami two dozen democrats running for president but not all of the made the cut to qualify the candidates had to either get sixty five thousand donors with at least two hundred from different states or reach one percent in three legitimate polls twenty contenders qualified for the first debate here in miami so it split between two consecutive nights with ten candidates onstage each night the questions and answers must come fast sixty second responses thirty-second followups aaron katersky a._b._c. news miami mostly party line vote the house is approved four point five billion dollars in humanitarian aid for the southern border areas as comes after reports of children being held in dismal conditions and the resignation of the head of customs and border protection here's a._b._c.'s matt cup in that outgoing border chief john sanders recently railing at facilities just like clint children should not have to sleep on the ground under myler blankets this is the united states of america we can and we must do better as a country there are currently about thirteen thousand five hundred children in u._s. custody workers at the boston headquarters of retailer wayfair say they will walk out today they're protesting the sale of beds to a company that runs facilities housing children along the southern border you're listening to a._b._c. news you own a timeshare and it's the time of the year for eye-popping maintenance fees arriving in your mailbox how much will it be this time you're kidding me that's just ridiculous really how much they actually use it is it really.

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