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This guy's forty six degrees on the way down to forty the news watch continues with Steve tower that eleven o'clock all news and all that matters to you radio dot com station open confrontational controversial radio personality don Imus dies at seventy nine there are no survivors in the crash of a whole wide port helicopter in this region of for Christmas Philadelphia's city hall has grown into a tourist wonder if attendance this year specter to set the record I the seventy Sixers lose by a point for the magic in Orlando it's mostly cloudy in Philadelphia six degrees in center city were headed down to forty I'm Steve our top story at eleven OO one legendary radio personality don Imus who hosted the radio show on this in the morning for decades has died CBS news special report he started out as a radio DJ but he became something more don Imus has died at age seventy nine after hosting his show on this in the morning for nearly fifty years during an interview on CBS Sunday morning he said he discovered the secret of what makes a great radio person ours out of my failed well I was talking to one person I felt when I walked in there arm Saddam turn a Mike on well I was talking to you Michael Harrison with talkers magazine says Imus was special he made an impact.

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