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What's i've learned to is when you're booking your flight you know if you're up front and honest with they give you the icon when you're logging when you when you booked your flight they give you that i can't you need special assistance and may be traveled from the the terminal to your plane ab a wheelchair access what whatever it is but specifically it'll say i'm flying with a an assistance dog yeah and that's where it comes to when you're going to security actually are boarding the plane whether you're following under the eighty eight or the air carrier access act so and you you've never had any issue slide with american note every every time i've flown with him piece of cake i flew united with military working dog several time they they probably like drag you all which got under no actually i have my i believe it was my second deployment with ssd and we flew commercial to to germany and we flew on the cab in the cabin with our dogs but you know beforehand when when we you know in the military you do a mega travel so everything was kind of set up in we we were pretty adamant with when replying we don't wanna put her dogs in the in the belly of the plane yeah and they put us in the very back to rose and they were little offset but i had one row auto myself and and either handler is with another i'll to self and we had one person as as we got on first lady got on she complained she kinda pitched a fit she didn't want to be near the dog largest logic you know so forth and ended up you know after a little bit of berating eventually got her back up to the the front of the plane and they came back got us and we're like crap we're going to you know i thought we were going to get debord came up but his first class nine in centreback this you're like thanks for bitching lady.

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