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Like who we missing you remiss in the Texas chainsaw of franchises completely left out of this exactly who who gunrunner Hanson. You're you're told by the way, they're they're folks who will say that Gunnar Hansen was the gentle giant of all I'm sure he even a role in fucking wish master. Although I thought you're gonna say Steve because it's also very noticeable Robert Englund big part in this movie. Kane Hodder and Tony Todd. Auditing the draw. Guess, but we were forgetting it's west craven presents wish man. Wars. I forgot all about that. Also, it's weird because I don't know the production dates on this movie or anything like that. But this comes out ninety seven ethically release. We're post scream. Sure. Right. But doesn't it feel like this movie was made like nineteen ninety three years? Yeah. It doesn't feel like a post screen what we were talking about urban legend in shit last week. And like in that like post scream are this doesn't feel like it fits into that. At all. They should've had like Michael Douglas in this movie to represent those or movies of disclosure. The one where the rabbits boiled. Draco if you close in this you'll have sex with Glenn Close. But at a great price you'll rabbit his now did. Was that his rapid leaves? Yeah. That's a shame. So yeah, he had all those sexual or. Okay. Robert go sexual their psychos. Yes. A little bit sexual horror movies because. Because the woman was crazy one time. The woman was. Where is the line? And I don't remember who says it just wrote it down. I think it's a back and forth. Exchanges. What I've noted here. It's Jin genie. No, not Robin Williams. That's coming up. So basically, she she meets the Robert Englund. And he's like, oh, yeah. Had this great statue is going to be. But that fucking drunk, dude. I love he has a platform setup with a little placard. That says what it was. That's embarrassed. And the gag is like she's like, well, you're really upset about Ted Raimi's like, yeah. Yeah. Ted ramey. But that fucking statue. That's kind of a good an angle into plays this perfectly like she's like who Ted Ramey your personal assistant. He's like ES. Yeah. Really beating myself up over that. A real smell of married rich to me. Oh, yeah. England, four Stephen richer, possibly because he's I mean, he's just a professor professor professors. Are last week's movie. No in this one. Not urban. He's not teaching urban legends in this one though. It'd be great. If he was does he teaches a college? Are we talking he's at the same college? The the other lady lady that we're talk about what the statue is. And he knows. Oh, yes. Oh, I forgot about this character. Yeah. I think he married to like a condiment heiress for something and Teresa Heinz this first Barrett before John Kerry was professor tests, and he almost cleaned out. All those creepy old statue dude enough by statue of pre Islamic God from the Persian empire. Listen, terry. We need more statues. I don't know what else to tell you. My favorite scene is right around here. So the Jin is trying to track down who has. Yes, the Jew who awakened him find his masters, so he can get get going on destroying the world. So he goes to this police station. And this is amazing. Like he goes to the police. He finds the detective who is there at the my best friend incident. Yeah. And he's like, yes, I would just need the name and address of sewer witnessed all of this that shouldn't be a problem and the guys like who the fuck are you, and then it's awesome thing with some dude like mouth thing off to cops. And he's like, yes, he that guy over there. I've been looking at put that scumbag away, he always finds a way to skirt the system whatever it is. So you're telling me you'd like to see this guy put away for. And he's like, yeah. That's what I'm saying. And this leads to the biggest freak out like this gin is fucked up man, this guy, this guy starts screaming and he pulls out a gun and takes cops gun. I guess. She shoes all of these cops in this room. And like the detective who's who the Jin is speaking with like gets up to be like, oh my God..

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