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The details from K. M. J. act director don York California act producers want California's congressional delegation to know just how important passage of the United States Mexico Canada agreement is to their industry among the group is California farm bureau president Jimmy Johannsen he says because of uncertainty in export markets and unclear path for U. S. M. C. A. in Congress it's essential that the group appeals directly to each member of the California delegation Johannson goes on to say that the group last lawmakers to share their message was speaker Nancy Pelosi to pass the USMC eight California is the nation's largest producer and exporter of food and agricultural products John York K. M. J. news federal regulators finding Facebook five billion dollars for privacy violations the largest that the Federal Trade Commission is ever levied on a tech company but CEO mark Zuckerberg is only being held personally responsible in a limited fashion soccer Berg must now personally certify Facebook's compliance with its privacy programs the FTC says fall certifications could expose him to civil or criminal penalties there's a Lee a new TV movie in the works about the college admissions scandal lifetime cable network is fast tracking a two hour TV movie that follows the actual events of the case now it's unclear if the film will revolve around Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin and there is no cast announced yet but it does include a character named Rick singer who like the real life scandal ring leader Rick singer promises to wealthy women to get their kids into prestigious colleges Hoffman isn't a Netflix film being released August second titled other hood and co star Patricia Arquette says she believes often to be genuinely sorry about the scandal I think she feels terrible about her participation in the lifetime film with the working title college admissions scandal is expected later this year general plus Angelus actor Rutger Hauer best known for his role in the nineteen eighty film Blade Runner has died at the age of seventy five is management agency says the doctor actor passed away after a brief illness over to Wall Street the Dow currently down one hundred eighteen points eleven.

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