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There's a long plane flight schedule this weekend part of a project to help the airlines figure out just how long haul flights affected passengers and crew this is a flying research project by quantas a weekend twenty hour trip from New York to Sydney forty doctors scientists and airline experts will be looking at such things as jetlag cognitive ability food digestion and mood change some of the cabin will follow a pre planned schedule for eating drinking and sleeping even monitoring the effects of sitting in a seat for long periods of time also everyone will be kept awake for six hours helped by hot spicy food Gary non CBS news actor bill Macy is done I did mostly character roles and had a long career on stage film and TV probably best known for playing the Arthur's husband on the seventies sitcom mod Macy made dozens of guest appearances on series like Seinfeld how I met your mother in ER he died last night in Los Angeles at the age of ninety seven Jim Chevy CBS news St Louis alderman consider a plan to ban guns in city parks good evening I'm a lease rich came looks news time is eight oh five fifty degrees downtown at the arch the full forecast set eight eight oh eight they lose all the men are wrestling with whether to ban guns in city parks came Lexus Kevin Kaline reports most all the men we talked to are in favor of the plan to put no guns allowed signs in city parks and then find offenders a hundred Bucks older woman Anne rice I think good guys with guns is a horrible fallacy that good guys with guns don't stop bad guys with that like that plan it's something that I I fundamentally disagree with the promise of that book alderman branded Bosley says he sometimes carries a gun for his protection and would feel less safe in some city parks without it we all would love to live in a place where you don't have to feel like you have to carry a gun you know especially around children when you're taking your kids to go play but that's unrealistic in a city where you have individuals that are shooting and don't give a damn about where the bullets are flying who they're here Kevin Helene St Louis's newsradio came away they were going to host granite city tonight but the St Louis arch diocese announced today cardinal raiders football program is suspended for the rest of the school year the archdiocese of St Louis is the coach Brandon Gregory was fired after an ineligible player suited up earlier this season the archdiocese also announces its athletic director has decided to retire a former St Louis rams football player gives police a bizarre reason why he randomly shot a woman reporting for work at a boulder Colorado business Justin Bannan said he pulled the trigger because the Russian mafia are after him the forty year old ban and also told police he suffers from a condition causing fluid build up on his brain police say when they arrested ban and he had to loaded handguns inside a backpack in a rolled up twenty dollar bill with cocaine residue on it he faces charges of attempted murder and first degree assault ban and played in St Louis during the twenty eleven football season Brad Choate Saint Louis is newsradio KMOX it's campfire season and the state fire marshal's office has a few tips to keep you toasty but not toasted campfires and bonfires need to be kept at least twenty five feet away from any structure and you should avoid burning on very dry or windy days said fire Marshall spokesman daisy faults Moore's are popular this time of the year the marshmallow do not take it on the stick those can turn into flaming balls a they can cause burns and because the major issues bold says if if your clothes catch on fire follow the old adage of stop drop and roll until the fire is out in sports the blues host the Montreal Canadians tomorrow at the enterprise.

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