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And so I think there's luck involved as well, You know, but but but, yeah, you look at you look at you know the how short the off season is now. How's that been the case for many years? You know, you don't always get the hell up completely from the previous year, you know, so you definitely have to be, um, focused on and understand how to take care of your body. Throughout the week. Um, and things like that during the course of the season. Um, you know, and so you something, some guys doing well because they prioritize those things. On. Do you see the benefit evidence? And But with Sean was saying is absolutely right. Yeah. I mean, you get the ball that many times it takes a toll on so you really have to understand. Really? How did take take great care of yourself Weekend week out, so you could be there for your team? All Famer Barry Sanders joining us and Barry, I can't see how many running backs over the years have told me how much they admired you how much they respected you how much they studied you. I'm curious when you were applying. Were there other backs that you kept an eye on and try to learn from or if you just focus on yourself in your game? Would get Jim. I would be remiss man. If if I didn't go back to early days when and you won't remember this, Um you know, it seemed like As I was coming up, there were two teams. It always had great running backs colleges I'm talking about. Dad was a big Oklahoma Sooners fan. So every year they had great players Joe Washington, Greg Pruitt, Billy's them, David Overstreet. And then the USC Trojans always had great running backs. Yeah, you know, O J. Anthony Davis. Charles White. Marcus Allen. Um, I even learned about Mike Garrett. As I got older, he was well before my time, So so I used to I feel like I grew up just studying those those two teams, and there's so many other great running back that influence on me. Um, But as I got into the league, you know, it seems like it was always sort of me and Emmit Smith. Went head to head of the league stop Russia. But then there were you know, there were other guys. The markets would feel Marcus was still around. And obviously Bo Jackson's and, um, Eric Dickerson's and I know I'm leaving out a lot of names, but I always saw all those guys this competition and it didn't really help motivate me. Amazing backs very quickly. Somebody recently tweeted it. Nike to bring back the Barry Sanders turf trainer. That was a sweet, sweet you. What do you remember about that? And how happy would you see that? Would you be to see that come back? No. You know what for me? Is it Z been a great, um, long lasting relationship that iPad with Mikey. They released a few the last couple years. They did one for college when I, um to celebrate my 30th anniversary of one of the Heisman. And then we released one last year here in Detroit. Um, you know, I guess would have been 2019 Thanksgiving. Um, you know, they released the Is the issue that I wore and you know, a gym. I mean, for me. It's just one of the neatest things. Um Because obviously, you know the kids get into it. And people who like collects use and it just You know, it just brings back sort of a relevance almost to your career is almost like when you're on the Madden video game. And it really almost re introducing you to a whole new group of fans. You know, So for me, I'm just I'm just enjoying that relationship, and, um Enjoying the ride, and it's been. It's been, um, a big treat for me when, when, like. He's been able to do things like that. That is cool..

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