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January. We get the royal rumble marseils got another digging in on Tito Santana by helping eliminate him and Santana was attempting to throw martell out of the ring but. Of course, ultimately, Warrior would be the guy who martell he still working Brutus beefcake on house shows he never interacts with him on pay per view besides survivor series eighty nine. I guess this is just that different where you really made your money set up how show matches, right? Live events was the bread bonner. That's that was your business model and pay per views were a special event. But she spent your television time and everything else building up to the live event model. Things. Really GONNA get cooking here, February Tenth Nineteen Ninety on superstars we see rick appear on this show called the brother love show. And this is where would introduce the world to his own fictional brand of Cologne arrogance. Often carries it to the ring and a large Atta miser and sprays it in the eyes of his opponents to blind him. Regularly. Getting himself to huge but sometimes picking up a win that way too. and. The baby face commentators are always saying how bad smells and the heels are acting like they loved it. Tammy up what were you guys actually putting in these arrogance gimmicks. Evidence. Goddamn spring water year Long No. I love you for that. Lynnwood throw in some just bad pallone shift so that the folks around ringside could smell. Some brutal actually smell good. Some watered-down, brute. Good Shit Terada I'm best used to wear some fucking truecar back in the day. Didn't you? saw. The it all the time in the company Martell makes us singles pay per view match debut at Wrestlemania six beating Coco beware with the Boston crab, it's pretty remarkable to think that. He turned heel the year before, and during all that time he's still never had a singles match on pay per view. The. April twenty eighth edition. is where we started. Pay Per views matches on that time in nineteen, eighty nine or whatever they argue that I'm just saying is fears removed from being the Awa World Champ one of the last ones against the mannered but. Still. Here he is here and we mentioned him earlier the vignettes are going to start airing. Saturday nights main of April twenty eighth. He's riding horseback. He's picking up a couple of women he's driving off with them in a convertible. This has had your fingerprints all over it. You love these type of skits and I think everybody listening to this grew up on. Absolutely it was a way to just. We had the the Cologne we actually I think we. I. Think we did sell it maybe maybe not I don't know we did other Cologne ship and we were going to sell. We were actually going to bottle and sell arrogance man that would have been. So fucking great. On sell the big atomised though shared out to somebody who's listening to this who has a Cologne business my DM's are open and I got an idea here. on August Eleventh Summer Slam report an the Tito Santana and Rick Martel is finally going to happen at Summer Slam. For several weeks, we're getting all the hype for this match and then on August twenty six, this announce that the warlord would replace Rick Martel in the mass did were previous modeling engagement. And so now warlord works with Tito. Roller gets the win and five and a half minutes with the running power. Slam. By the way, the announcement is made on the twenty sixth. The show is the twenty seventh. One I give us the payoff to the Santana Martell view summer slam here. Didn't need to. A while promoted and then not do it. Because it was a way to promote just a he'll move nobody was paying for that match. Okay. That's fair and it was a way to just get the arrogance of the model, Rick Martel that he pulls out at the last minute and I want to say that there was some supermodel at the time that had done something wrong. Show okay. Now he's this big supermodel and he just no shows. Dislike that other guy who good. Yeah Yeah I think it was actually a female but still I mean I get it now. Now, that's a great explanation. Following, Summer Slam Rick begins to regularly appear on the brother love show. and. He's at the beginning of the segments before brother Love's bring main guests for the week and a special report segment on. September. Thirtieth showed mortels appearances on the brother love show each time spraying his arrogance Cologne. And he explained he only shared arrogance for people who deserve it. Like his friend brother love. How much fun did you have working only segments with rig? Loved it because we would always come up with some kind of different bullshit to do it was The Fun thing about brother love at the time was I would literally produce it in directed is I was walking to the podium. I would walk in Tim Walberg the hand held camera, and I forget the other one was, but they would walk with me shooting and I would be telling them exactly. Okay I'm GonNa do this. I'm going to do that here. Start here come around to my left I work to you that I'm going to turn back over here and I was just walk out and and give it to them on the way to the to the podium before I would start. So it was just fun shit to do. That we would try and come up with different ways to. Showcase Martell. Did you. Mean you haven't talked about this a while but. Is You have to I mean you didn't have a script back then this is just you free Stalin. I usually had a lot of scripts. Okay. You know what I mean here's my question I guess do you have to run run any of that by anybody? Would you just talk it with three with vents or something or not so much? Talk no I just did it. I was I. Mean at the time I was in charge of the of the shows as well. Brush side of things so. If he wanted to change it he and that. Brogden obviously could. Change Alcohol we cut the damn thing, but it was just that's what I did..

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