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Ten Fifteen Years, Seven Years, Five Years discussed on Happy Sad Confused


To kids today view because that's the way the business has unfolded in the last five years for sure but ten years definitely so do think yeah that always interested in complex characters relationships which doing some really cool stuff and developing some really interesting ideas right now there's a tab hunter project right that's right and yeah tab and tony approach tab hunter for people who don't know is very very famous actor from the fifties he was kind of one of the most bankable matinee idol box office movie stars of the fifties of the golden era of hollywood and and he was is gays to live is amazing guy and at the height of his career he was in a five year relationship anthony perkins at the height of anthony perkins and they were both sort of these huge actors so tab wrote a book called tab hunter confidential which they then made into a documentary and then i was contacted by tab and his partner glasser and and their producing partner meal koenigsberg about the desire to tell the tab tony story and was immediately interested in how to call with them and met them for lunch and la musso and frank it was like super old hollywood and decided to come aboard and to develop that with them and so i called jj actually because i thought his perspective on this could be really unique and interesting and jj was really interested in so set it up with bad robot and then we sold it to paramount so we're in development on that and doug right who's an incredible playwright and screenwriters writing the script on that for us so we're in the middle of that would you act on that i don't know i can't i think ten fifteen years ago i could've played anthony perkins at this time in his life but the relationship happened when they were in their mid to late twenties and though i look good i was gonna say i feel like it's a little bit of a stretch to play that young so i don't know but there are other roles and the script isn't yet written so we'll see really so excited for what doug comes up with and and that's one thing and then just a number of other adopting book into film or maybe a long form tv idea we don't know yet option an article from vice that we're developing as well there's a comic book property that i have in development some tv stuff yeah podcast like i'm just i'm just really interested in what the possibilities are out there right now and of course i always have to ask about where we're at on track and it seems like they're actually is stuff going on there is stuff going on i mean i had dinner the other night with jay clarkson who's great collaborator essays amazing we worked on heroes together and really hit it off and this is the hemsworth one this is the ball so time travel who knows but somehow hemsworth getting involved i don't know i haven't read the script and i think it's still under construction as they say but but yes he is playing all of it is because even if you get the first film you've already gone through the ringer of this character moms died he's he's been he saved his best friend is there something that you want to explore with with a good old spock what's left well pon far explored the pun farm menopause i don't even know what the i think it's like heat going into heat every seven years or something i don't know i mean you know we'll see i do think it's a character that is it's it's tricky you know what i mean because there's only there's a very finite range of of emotional landscape that can be traversed and so i don't i don't know yet we're we're going to we're going to go but i'm excited to see the bottom line is like i love the character i love my fellow actors and so i'm i'm really looking forward to the opportunity going back and making other one have you got the dirt on this tarintino one there's so much confusion out there about what whether it is with you guys my assumption is with us i mean that's how it's been presented i don't know i mean look until you know deals are done contractor signed schedules are cleared i mean nothing is set in stone so.

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