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Country on CBS sports network good football Friday morning hey barry entertaining fun. Thursday night game last night but of course marred by controversy because they stupid rule was was enacted at the end of last season because of an NFC championship loan call and now it's in the process of ruining this season. We will talk about that. We'll talk about giants excitement. That is around this team. There is juice. There is fun. They are talked about again and we're giving away. Giants redskins skins tickets whites this morning seven. Am Our nine am hours so stay tuned for that but I think most importantly I was glued yesterday to the Safeway open out in Napa Valley California as I was watching Tony Romo hitting them off the team shipping it like a bro and then to thirty Putz there to close out his round as he finishes to Wander tied for twenty second after his first round the Safeway and that means one thing and one thing only forget about Tony Forget about you. Forget about gymnasts it means. I'm going to Chicago Baby. Zito Vikings take on the bears that means good morning boomer man giveaway this clown show this morning. I mean yeah you know. Meanwhile meanwhile you know Tony Romo shooting two-under your texted me and we're going to Chicago. We're doing this. We're doing that now. If we go to Chicago told you dress like that. There is the white so for folks who have not watching sports. I work you have to understand. GEOS got a vikings hat on. It's one of those hats the big yellow and purple the thing with the the Viking warns on the side is the Minneapolis miracle another miracle here in another vikings pro or purple the law in this baby today but I look he's still got to get through today man yeah and if people don't understand what's going on here. They haven't paid attention. Tony Romo was granted permission by CBS to play Safeway Open if he makes the cut CBS has allowed him to miss. This vikings. Vikings bears game with Jim nance on Sunday. CBS came to boomer and said boomer. Can you fill NBA backup. quarterback boomer said somehow miraculously this happens. Tony Romo's never made eight one of these cuts. If it happens you want to go to the game. You're Vikings Fan. I was like sure that'd be great but that's like hey. Do you WanNa go to the moon. What did I tell you the chances world. I think it'd be he's slim because everybody's telling me that it's GonNa be really hard for Tony to do right and then he shoots a career round yesterday and you're texting me incessantly just like you. Can you believe this. This and I'm like all right somebody house talk. The amazing thing to me is that he's on the other side of the country playing gop. You're watching you are keeping me up to date on what's going on and you're like all wrapped up into this because not because you want him to win or Hindu you qualify you just want you to be. Oh yes. That's it. That's all this is about man in my book. This is what this is about and it's funny because you're out on the golf course hacking it up yesterday acetate. Here's Tony Romo shooting better than half the field. I know the dichotomy of it all. It's just it's ridiculous. It's just it's unbelievable but this is what I call boomer poop. It's it is man what happened. This is what happens in the world of boomer right so I'm still like in a holding pattern like I am. I going and my not going. I have no idea you're right about. I got to prepare Hera like I am going up and then I also have to prepare like I'm doing the NFL Today on Sunday yeah. I think I gotTa do both right now. I was really struck by time Montgomery who was on with Joe and Evan and talked about that speaking things into existence stuff and how positive you need to be and I think that's what we need to do. I mean Tony Tony. You WanNa be a part of this nice to meet. You want to be a part of this thing. It's not just about me boomers about you as well so I think that if we just keep saying Tony Romo is going to make the cut. He's going to make the cut. We're GONNA the Chicago. It's going to happen then again. You're not coming dressed like that. Man Well all right. We'll see I did talk to them yesterday. The folks that do the show the the the the staff and everybody over there and I just said look. I'm going to bring my radio partner with me just so everybody knows right and they were okay with that. They seem to be fine with it. Okay so all right well. You're scared but I haven't talked to anybody from. CBS corporate like nobody's called me to tell me what to do and what you know what I'm supposed to be I have I have. I have all the emails from the number. One crew right okay and Jim Roope recall off. The director is taking really good. Care of me. Got Everything I need. Everything's things fine from that standpoint but I I do I go to I try to show up like on Sunday at Twelve I. I don't think that's traveling. I believe the MP room at CBS. I don't think that's a good idea. Either I mean. I think that you know the idea would be a little bit choppy right now so when I'm getting there how we're still don't believe that well now. They got a coordinate to start getting a little hairy yesterday because what I finally got back to my phone and to see see what was being sent to me all of a sudden I started getting all the email oh yeah everything was coming to me because they do a lot of they do a lot of prep work for these games. People realize what it goes into the shirts crazy and you know for the analysts. You know it's like you gotTA. Watch video. I'm trying to watch as much as I can. I mean it's not like what I do for a living although I used to do this. It must be good funny. If I get a chance to do it but and I know it'd be fun for you. Oh my God I can't wait. I in a holding pattern I want. I can't wait to stare down. Dan Matinee Fairs meeting just giving the output this hat on and then just like under my breath as you guys are talking about Mitch Trubisky ESCO Yeah. I don't think he'll go what's set by the way you know so yeah we do meet with both teams. If in fact that this comes the past two things one you're not coming to the Scott. Come on and to you know I don't need you being a slobbering all over my zimmer or you know Kirk cut while you won't slobber love over Kirk cousins but Mike Zimmer anybody else. No no no. I'm not a h-have yourself. I don't need to be making it all about you and your vikings and your Viking fan trip. I've been working foods so it was ten years old. I don't need that. That kind of distraction is not warrant just won't do that. The only did that once. When I was younger I went went to out to Vikings training camp and there was a I like this is going to be a story that you're going to tell Mike Zimmer. No I'M NOT GONNA die. Wouldn't this does not make me look good. We went out to vikings training camp. There was like a charity event that we bought tickets to and went and you can meet some of the players and coaches and I sat there and I it costed Ted Cottrell about what defense offense he was running the playoff game against the eagles a year before that allowed Brian Westbrook to be uncovered in the fourth quarter for the game winning touchdown. I this is a true story. I said listen I just gotTA asking asking this. 'cause I mean like as a fan. Educate me Brian Westbrook at the goal line is just wide open in a playoff game but you did not notice this guy at talent or whatever he's looking me. WHOA dude it's like last season. We're at a charity event. I got like a cocktail Weiner and vodka. Why are you bothering me but that was a long time. Respect respect for the process. I'm just excited for this opportunity and I'd like to thank CBS for thinking of me during this whole thing and going to boomer and knowing how much would mean and all of that because they really didn't have to be so kind to me during this thing so I know there's still work to do. I know I gotta go out there and if Tony Chokes this up never going to forgive him ever ever ever so tony. You gotta get focused all right. It's not just one day okay. I know you shot a great round yesterday. Your Day and everybody's all of you out race. Tony does everything great and we love Tony Tony. There's still work to do today. You gotTa bring it home for me all right. Bring it home for me man and this means a hell of a lot more to me than means to you all right so get it done. Okay okay get it done right and you you referred to this. This blown call last night packers game. I don't know everybody saw but you know they're supposedly the standard of clear clear and obvious which is what the standard is being used by the replay officials here in New York and there was a what would amount to a defensive pass interference review call by Matt Leflore the packers he feels like matic's gets in with I drive five of the Secondhand Valdez scaling so yeah so Marquez Valves gambling's the wide receiver Avantis Maddox is a defensive back. It's the first play I drive rather of the second half for the packers. It's down the the right sideline avant they matic's is got his back turned to Valdez scaling he hits him in the face masking never back turn to the ball facing valves scaling never plays the ball makes contact before the ball is there. This is one of these that that if you watch football for ten minutes in someone taught the rules you would say that's gotta be pass interference so amount of floor things it's pass interference because nothing is called on the field right so matt leflore then throws his challenge flag and tells tells the referee. Please check for defensive pass interference. They show the replay fifteen different ways. We're all sitting there at home and going. You know what that's pass in the past. I don't know what is like. This rule was created right here. This is it and and and all of a sudden and here's where the human element still still was involved in all of this because replay is not a panacea. It doesn't answer all the questions. It actually creates even more questions yeah a group of people in New York decided that that was not not defensive pass interference how I don't understand now they put out they've got their own twitter account and they put out the video and a little bit of a comment and they just basically said that you know it wasn't clear you're an obvious and he did not affect it and I just I don't. I don't understand how you could look at that with all the angles slow-motion all the stuff that they use in come away away with that conclusion which is I mean. MADDOX has got his hands in the face right underneath the base mask of a Valdas Gatling yeah I so this is what scares me about this rule now. Last year. There was a big issue in a big discussion point about the running back helmet-to-helmet stuff and how running back so they created contact put their heads down we get flagged for fifteen yards and it never came to pass like that was a big. Everybody's scared the game's. GonNa ruined because of that rule they competition committee he came up with and it passed and it never came to pass this year already though we're seeing that this one is screwing with the game now this is what they put. NFL officiating their official account verified account in philly versus Green Bay Green Bay challenge for pass interference..

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