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My hat's made their custom made on call one of phone tell them what i need they know it's black they know it's a four inch ram and they now get up i think it's one hundred x beaver they're not cheat the damn things about nine hundred bucks so but i've got multiple hats my wife and i used to like to donate hats to mika ships and things like that and i kept staka but right now i've got three hats to my name and i'm sure they'll find homes at some point in time and then finally this is pretty cool listen to this big panel yours thank you with hard work over the years it has cumulated in a beautiful book which i've now listen to three times while two weeks ago i completed my first marathon i had your audio book in my ears for all twenty six point two miles wow on thirty four years old and twenty seven of those years have been listening to you pretty cool the john wayne quote rings in my years and did so during the marathon couldn't have done it without your words and your book at the twenty one mile mark twenty one miles i'd been hospital at the twenty one mile mark when i wanted to quit i heard your father's quote nobody ever drowned in their own sweat great philosophy to live by and that's from dan smith in manchester england dan thank you for that and keep reynolds marathons buddy and then find somebody that you can bring along with you and motivate some younger person that can tap into your says and your passion and your will to succeed and finish a project and see what you can build from that remember we all need to be mentors and role models as best we possibly can and remember that if you weren't though your questions at me on here on the show the jim ross report at gmailcom that's our mailbag for this week.

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