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On fulfills a call to action that i pulled onto allied video of mine the more that my reach grows and the more people say ban icu everywhere now yeah and and the thing is it's it's using this platform because it's the engagement you know it's i even was looking at so i in your group and add it you know that the tough thing for me with facebook herbs because i just launched a group that's got great engagement to and so it's like i'm having to be more selective in it it's like i think i i i don't know in a way i need to say okay go in and engage you know twice a day or something with your group landen's group is great on and really because i've also got work to do and i know like for me i have to shut off distractions when i'm creating a writing her bryant that stuff like that but i even looked at you know i think it was a post land and had put uh late importer in your group and it was just it was a great little here i did this this worked or whatever and then i have followed landon that i jumped in his group and i i think there's been a shift right that i see this 'cause i had i had grown this facebook group early on we're talking when i started two thousand eight issues and well and it was the women of internet marketing and it grew really really bag but it was one of those things that it ended up like i removed i just gave someone else the group because it became this like here's my directsales company here's mine internet it was just in a right has there wasn't whose diluted it was diluted and i just i wasn't really sure how best i.

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